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  • New cover for “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”

    New cover art for “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” As my readers already know, earlier in this year I attended a funeral, where there was a striking blonde wearing nothing but a black button-up shirt and panties.  She looked pretty much like the woman in the picture.  Dhalia Rheine at Honeyshadow Design did an…

  • eBook of “Merlin’s Magic Wang” now available!

    Merlin’s Magic Wang, one of my hands-down most popular stories ever, is now available as an eBook!  You can either buy it from Smashwords or Amazon.  Over the next week or two, it’ll start trickling into the various stores such as Barnes + Noble, Kobo, Diesel, etc etc. As is my custom with these “Director’s Cut” editions…

  • “Fuck Me Running”

    “Fuck Me Running”.  Isn’t that such an interesting phrase? While its meaning is clear in context – it’s an expression of surprise and astonishment – it really does bring some fascinating visual images to mind.  Unfortunately, none of them are very practical, just due to basic human anatomy.  Too bad there’s no way to use a…


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