eBook of “Merlin’s Magic Wang” now available!

This is the eBook cover to "Merlin's Magic Wang"

Merlin’s Magic Wang, one of my hands-down most popular stories ever, is now available as an eBook!  You can either buy it from Smashwords or Amazon.  Over the next week or two, it’ll start trickling into the various stores such as Barnes + Noble, Kobo, Diesel, etc etc.

As is my custom with these “Director’s Cut” editions of my stories, I’ve gone through and told all the parts of the story which I had glossed over or not really delved into in the free edition.  Merlin’s Magic Wang is now a 19,000+ word story, which places it at over 2.5x as long as the present edition of the free short story.  Some of that new content includes a birth scene, several new impregnations, a “conventional” sex scene, and a pregnant sex scene.  There’s more too, but That Would Be Telling.

A little background here: This is a chapter from the middle of the story.  Our protagonist, Jack, has a ring-shaped object which, if he sticks his penis through it, it comes out inside of the vagina of whatever woman he happens to be looking at.  Feel free to read the free version of Merlin’s Magic Wang on stories.xnxx.com if you like, too.

SAMPLE CHAPTER: “Fuck Me Running”

It was early on in the meet; she was spending her time in a series of leg stretches, and I was really appreciating the way that her skin-tight top hugged every contour of her body. It accentuated her nipples in ways which left me wondering why she even wore a top. I decided that it would be less disruptive to her if I entered her now, so I pulled the ring out of my pocket and looked around. No one was particularly looking at me, so I unbuckled my pants and slipped the ring down, quickly finding my semi-stiff cock and fitting the ring over it. I could feel myself slide into the girl’s wetness, and I marveled at the heat which her body was putting out.

I watched through my binoculars as, down on the field, Stacey’s mouth gaped wide in disbelief. My cock hardened instantly, turned on by the heat of her body and the fact that I was looking at her this time, seeing her reaction. Stacey squeezed her legs together experimentally, and my cock barely felt anything. Her coach barked something at her, and she got back into the game.

This was actually much more pleasant for me than just watching her, for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was that the tight jeans I’d chosen in order to keep the ring on me, were no longer crushing my cock. It was now free to swell and throb, unrestrained by pants, yet not visible to everyone sitting nearby. As far as anyone could tell, I was just another guy watching the event. Stacey, on the other hand, was carefully limbering up. She did lunges, which felt delightful, and squats, which left my cock nearly feeling like it would fall out. Then she laid down on her back to do some scissor leg lifts, where she’d lift one leg horizontally, then bring it forward as high as she could, and then lower it and lift the other one. The sensation was intense, bringing gentle waves of tension cascading over my cock with each scissor lift. I could see through the binoculars that Stacey’s face was a mixture of surprise and pleasure, and she seemed to be sweating more than the other girls on her team. I was starting to get close, and really wanted to pace myself, but I couldn’t pull off the ring without being noticed. So, I decided I was going to have to tough it out.

A whistle blew down on the field, and all of the girls jumped up to their feet. I could feel every time her feet hit the ground as Stacey jogged to her starting position, and as she did so, she reached down and pressed in on her bare midriff just below her navel. I could feel it through her body, my penis just barely registering the pressure wave as she pressed inward with her palm. I recognized the sensation, and realized I’ve felt that pretty often while using the ring.

The whistle sounded again, and all the girls took their positions. They were crouched like greyhounds, poised for the explosive leaping charge which would start their foot race. I got a momentary break from the nonstop stimulation as Stacey froze in place, poised and ready for the event’s beginning. Moments later, a starting pistol’s shot marked the beginning of their sprint.

Wow. I’m not sure I’d want to do it again, but the feeling of being inside of a woman sprinting at competitive speeds was amazing. When the runners started, Stacey’s pussy constricted, squeezing my cock painfully for a split second before she was underway, her strides eating meters of distance at a time. Within less than a second she was upright, leaning forward as her legs pistoned rapidly, propelling her towards the finish line and sending me towards a finish of my own. I could feel every stride as her vulva shifted slightly to the left, then the right, alternating every time her foot struck the ground.

I was so glad I’d taken a seat behind everyone else, because I let out a sharp breath as the relentless massage persisted, squeezing and kneading my cock within Stacey’s moist vagina. I could feel her body heat skyrocketing with the exertion as she ran, and I wanted nothing more than to unzip my pants and slide the ring up and down my cock, thrusting inside of Stacey until I came within her. But in public, all I could do was grit my teeth and hope no one assumed that my reddening face meant that I was suffering from heat stroke.

She had just passed the 200 meter mark done when I felt my cock jerk unexpectedly, sending a few drops of pre-cum up into Stacey’s waiting pussy. I felt a wave of tension surround my cock, over and above the vibrations of running, and then suddenly it spasmed, squeezing my cock over and over as the repeated motions brought Stacey to an orgasm. I suppressed a grunt moments later as her relentless pussy coaxed my cock, milking it repeatedly until I was in the grips of a full-blown orgasm. I tried to hold back for precious seconds as Stacey neared the finish line, an expression of confused joy prevalent on her face as she approached the finish line just seconds ahead of her closest rival.

Stacey raised her arms in triumph, just as my cock began to pump blast after blast of sperm into her athetic vagina. The cameras flashed as she crossed the line, perfectly capturing the shocked but ecstatic expression she wore as she orgasmed and her nerve endings communicated to her the unlikely message that it felt like her spasming pussy was filling up with hot, potent sperm. She closed her eyes for a second and cradled her lower abdomen, clearly wondering what was going on.

“Oh God”, I said to myself as the loudspeaker announced that Stacey had just won the gold, “I didn’t realize I would cum in first place.”


4 responses to “eBook of “Merlin’s Magic Wang” now available!”

  1.  Avatar

    Hi Ken, I have enjoyed your work quite a bit. Thanks for the revised version of this story, it is a personal favorite. I know you are probably done with this story since you published it but I had a suggestion if you were to ever add any more content. I think a section about the new princess in England, Kate Middleton would be perfect for this sort of thing. Her child would be one of the most important and notable births in the world and it might also play into your later stories with Merlin (kings and royalty and so on).

  2. haramiru Avatar

    An interesting thought. You may notice that I don’t ever put actual people into my stories (because that could always be questionable as far as defamation goes, etc). However, “Merlin’s Safeguard” (the prequel to MMW, which explains the crazy old man who gave Jack the ring) just might involve something along those lines now. No promises, of course.

    On a side note, I’m done editing the story of “Merlin’s Magic Wang” itself. Whenever something is set to eBook, I view it as immutable from that point on, other than correcting typos, technical issues, etc. That doesn’t mean there aren’t side stories I can write or prequels and sequels, but they won’t be rebundled into a later version of MMW. George Lucas kind of soured me on that. 🙂

    Instead, shorter side story excerpts would get released as free shorts, and truly long segments (MMW leaves most of a semester largely un-covered… who knows what he did on spring break?) are open for separate ebooks.

  3. haramiru Avatar

    Wow. You know, the other day when I saw the news that Kate Middleton is in fact pregnant, the first thing I thought of was this discussion.

    Now, Mr. Anonymous… you didn’t happen to get approached by a crazy old guy in front of the Natural History Museum in London recently, did you? 🙂

    1.  Avatar

      Ha just a happy coincidence. But I definitely thought of this story as well when I heard the news.

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