Morgan’s Curse eBook is out!

Source image © Merrilld | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
Source image © Merrilld | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

As I was working on my weekend story, I decided to take a glance over at “Morgan’s Curse” to  identify which areas I really should add more content to.  Historically, that’s what separates my eBooks from the free editions: I go back through and, prior to publication, ask myself “What did I leave out here?” and “What scenes should I have written, but I was too lazy to write?”

In Merlin’s Magic Wang, which comes before “Morgan’s Curse”, the missing scenes were just about everything Jack did at school.  I ended up writing those scenes, and it became about 2/3rds of the book.

In Progenitor, it was everything that happened after the beach house and before he got to the hotel.  I wrote those scenes, and it became 2/3rds of the book.

Morgan’s Curse though, I really didn’t need to add to.  It was a 26k word long story, which is longer than either of the two books above that I mentioned, and frankly I’d already gone through and “filled in the cracks” before I went around adding it to other erotica sites later on.  I found a few bits (mostly dialogue) which I needed to improve, and did.  Other than that, any new content added into Morgan’s Curse would’ve just felt bolted-on and artificial.  So, the eBook of MC is not very different from the free edition, and I will not be upset if you guys skip it.  But for those who prefer owning their erotica on eBooks, it makes very little sense not to make it available to them.  To that end, I’ve released Morgan’s Curse today on Smashwords.  It’s also live on Amazon and All Romance eBooks as well.  I came up with a cover using a stock photo where I feel the model’s face conveys the right sense of annoyance at being pregnant.

Fair disclosure though: don’t buy it if you expect a bunch of new, added content like my other eBooks have had.  This release is more for the collectors who want to have an eBook of everything, and for the people who’ve never heard of me before.

An excerpt:

I’ve said that I prefer being a woman, and that’s certainly my professional preference. As a sorceress whose power stems from fertility magic, it’s pretty much the only way I can actually wield any significant fraction of the power I held before being cursed. But when my curse is over, I actually am going to miss having sex as a man. I find it very hard to decide which gender I actually prefer fucking as, because they’re both awesome.
Julie had begun moaning softly, her voice barely audible over the waves crashing on the beach behind us. “I’m going to cum inside you”, I whispered into her ear. She gasped, and I could feel her pussy clench reflexively around my cock as she thought about it.
“Okay,” she panted, “I’m on the pill anyway. Just don’t stop, OK?”
I chuckled as I thrust harder, burying myself as deep as Rudy’s cock was capable. I squeezed her ass, feeling every inch of her body as she pressed herself against me. “You’re still gonna get pregnant”, I told her.
She bucked her hips harder. “I’ll have any baby you can sneak past the pill. I’ll name him or her Lucky”, she panted. I was getting close to my climax, and Julie had just given me the closest thing to informed consent I’ve had in years. A fire built up in my lower body as my erection grew harder and stronger. My breath began coming in ragged gasps, and she squirmed beneath me as her orgasm started, then she shrieked as it reached full blast. “Fuck me”, she commanded. “Get me pregnant if you have to, just fuck me! I’ll have your baby!”
I couldn’t hold out any longer. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me, and her taut hips were pressed against my thrusting groin, straining to pull me inside her just a fraction of an inch deeper. Sperm shot out of me like a cannon, bathing her womb in seed and guaranteeing conception. Julie gasped and panted, then sighed in contentment as I rolled off of her. I’ve learned the hard way not to stay on top of a woman long after cumming inside of her. After all, the newly pregnant girl trapped under a disoriented and unconscious man would be me a few minutes later.
Immediately after I rolled over, my back picked up a coating of sand where I’d been sweating.
“Oh my God”, Julie said as she shifted her hips experimentally. “I can’t believe I let you cum in my pussy.”
I smirked and ran my finger along her thigh, and then traced a line up to her belly. “I can. I just can’t believe you doubt that I got you pregnant.”
Julie gave me a saucy look. “You’re really sure of yourself, aren’t you Morgan? It’s almost like you’re…” and she trailed off. I started feeling distant and disconnected first, and the world went out of focus. The world went dark murky for a moment, and then it shifted and slowly came back into focus. I was still looking deep into the eyes of someone I’d just fucked, but now I was in Julie’s body, looking back into Rudy’s face.
I stretched my legs, feeling the cum ooze out of my pussy as I did so. I finished Julie’s sentence for her as, “…yes, it’s almost like we’re pregnant, except that we are.” I stretched my limbs and yawned, stretching my body experimentally. No hidden pains, no trick joints that I noticed. Next, I flexed my power ever so slightly with a basic vision spell. As expected, Julie was amazingly fertile, and would’ve probably gotten pregnant (just not as quickly) even without my Curse’s intervention. She was the perfect body to ride into my final confrontation with Merlin.


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