If you liked Argyle, you’ll love Raj

A new story in Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series

This is the eBook cover to "Merlin's Magic Wang"
The latest installation in the history of Merlin’s Magic Wang involves the exploits of a demon named Raj.

Raj isn’t a lust demon like Argyle was in Morgan’s Curse – he’s an imp, who feeds on irritation and annoyance.  He presently spends most of his energy on his reluctant host, Stewart.  Stewart made the mistake of summoning him to impress a Goth girlfriend back in high school, and for the last several years he’s been subject to Raj’s incessant irritation.

So when Raj offers to leave him alone if he’ll just use a mystical artifact once, Stewart jumps at the chance for freedom.  But little does he know that Raj has just given him the Wang, and it behaves differently in the hands of each person who uses it.

Stewart now has a cock which has a habit of entering women any time he’s aroused, and an invisible imp who follows him around and insists on putting him into positions where he can’t help but get an erection.

How will Stewart get the ring off of his cock?  I’ll just have to keep writing to find out.

Tentatively titled “The Wang Before”, I should finish this story in a few months.  It’s my present “work on it in the bathroom” story, so I’m not losing any Progenitor time as I work on it.



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2 responses to “If you liked Argyle, you’ll love Raj”

  1. Bruce Stevens Avatar
    Bruce Stevens

    G’day from Oz,
    Just read your story “Cum in me if you want to live” loved it!! Great concept and well written. Will there be a second part??

    Cheers Bruce

  2. haramiru Avatar

    I’m very glad you liked it! A second part will almost definitely happen; it’s more a matter of time than anything else. The first one came about because the title got stuck in my head. When something gets stuck in my head, I pretty much have to write it – and sooner or later the second one will. Now, if it weren’t for this quirk, I’d be sitting on big stacks of money as I pressed publish on Progenitor 12 or Merlin’s Magic Wang 6.

    On a side note, for you and any other fans of this one, I’ll point out that Kristina is the product of a benevolent Worldnet. A defeated and reprogrammed Worldnet will be sending other Infiltrators back after the Solrani invasion is complete. Also, ask yourself who exactly tipped off the police to Eric’s drug mule friend in this timeline? Kristina isn’t the only one who’s come back in time, and others may have been there longer. And they probably won’t appreciate her meddling with the timeline…

    In the meantime, you might want to check out Cupid’s Armorer. It’s also story-driven, and contains a lot of action elements (and plenty of sex, but no impregnation).

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