Progenitor’s now made it into the 28k range on Amazon

I’ve started using to track where Progenitor sits on the sales charts, and it seems to be picking up steam now, after its release on October 17th.  This is the first it’s broken the 30k barrier, and hopefully it’ll keep improving.

This weekend I’ve been focusing on “Merlin’s Magic Wang”, and for such a well-received story I’m surprised at how much work it requires to bring it up to my current standards.  I’m about 3/4ths through the initial smoothing pass now, and am deciding just where to stick the new content.  I’m probably going to expand the interaction with the girl in the parking lot, as well as adding a few other pieces along the way.  If I had Monday off, I think I’d be getting pretty close to publication by the end of Monday.  As it stands, I’ve got company today wanting some work done for them, so I’m not optimistic about getting a whole lot done tonight.

And just as a trip down memory lane, here’s a slightly improved version of the first sex scene from Merlin’s Magic Wang:


I looked out through the window and saw that the cute girl downstairs in the parking lot had leaned her seat all the way back, and she was reading something on an eReader of some sort. Her sweater was thin, and served mostly to emphasize her erect, glass-cutting nipples. I rubbed my cock a little through my pants, getting hard as I looked around to make sure there was no one who’d be able to see it when I started to do this.

Resolving that I was going to find out for once and for all if the ring really was Merlin’s magical artifact, I took out my cock and looked down at the girl. Then I took ring in my right hand and muttered, “This is stupid” as I slid it over the tip of my penis, my eyes on the girl down in the car. I watched as she jumped in surprise, setting down the eReader just as I felt my cock disappear into somewhere hot and moist. I looked down in surprise, and saw with astonishment that the ring was halfway down my cock, but hadn’t come out the other side.

Although my wang felt like it was still there, my eyes were telling me that half of it was just plain gone. I yanked the ring off, and the missing part of my cock reappeared as the ring slid off of it. I tore my attention away from my magically reappearing wang, and looked back at the girl down in the parking lot.

She’d unzipped her pants and run her hand down the front as her head turned left and right, watching for other people. Unable to see me, she began to massage her pussy, running her hand slowly up and down in her pants. I raised an eyebrow and experimentally put my finger through the center of the ring, but nothing happened.

In the meantime, the girl was still stroking and rubbing at her pussy with one hand, and had picked up her eReader again in her other hand. Judging by her expression, she looked like she was really beginning to enjoy herself.

This time, I watched her as I slowly put my dick through the ring. Her mouth opened in surprised pleasure as I slowly slid inside of her.  I slid the ring farther down my cock, and every inch of penetration felt better than the last as I sank slowly into her wetness. The girl squirmed in her seat now, fingering the outside of her pussy through her panties as she gyrated with pleasure, grinding on my disembodied cock. I began to stroke myself by sliding the ring up and down, her wetness sliding with my cock at exactly the speed I wanted. My shaft throbbed within her, getting stiffer and swelling as I felt my orgasm approaching. The girl’s mouth was wide open as she panted, her own orgasm starting up too. I could feel her leg muscles as she thrashed from side to side, caught up in what must have felt like the strangest auto-erotic experience of her life. About to climax, I took the ring in my hand again and began to stroke, thrusting deep into her warm wetness, then pulling back and going again. I stroked and stroked as a familiar fire built up my loins, and then a scream of pleasure made its way through the ring. From my second-story window I could just barely see her face redden as I jabbed deep inside her one last time, feeling her pussy clench around me as she came.

As my testicles began to unload, I pressed down on the ring with both hands and ran my penis into her as far as it would go. The very base of my shaft, ordinarily never able to see the inside of a vagina, wound up completely inside of her as the tip of my cock nestled up against her cervix. I could hear a muffled shriek of surprise through the ring, as my cock commenced to spray the first of several ounces of pent-up sperm up against her cervix. Her pussy walls clenched and tightened as I came, unloading squirt after squirt of sperm from my cock into her pussy. Panting with exhaustion and sweating lightly, I pulled the ring off of my wang and looked at it in wonder.

“Damn! If he built this to save himself the bother of getting laid, what did he do to avoid going to the bathroom?” I mused.

I wiped the sweat off of my face with my shirt sleeve, then looked back down at the girl I’d just inseminated. She was relaxed, splayed out in the seat and rubbing her crotch contentedly as she panted lightly, recovering from our long-distance tryst.



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