Ever wondered about Mr. Wulf, in “Morgan’s Curse”?

If you’ve ever wondered about Mr. Wulf in Morgan’s Curse

Merlin's been reborn, and Morgan Le Fay is not happy about it!
Merlin’s been reborn, and Morgan Le Fay is not happy about it!

Then you’ll want to read “Evil Takes Wang”, where you get to see a bit more of him than in “Morgan’s Curse“.

For a flashback, Mr. Wulf was the huge, white fluffy talking Faerie hound who told Morgana that Merlin had been reborn.  Physically, he looks like a huge white wolf with piercing golden eyes, with the fluffy fur of a Great Pyreneese dog.  During Morgan’s Curse, he was in Vegas, overseeing a house of Faeries and arranging business deals.  Morgana learned from him that Merlin had been reborn in San Diego, and left from his house.

Mr. Wulf, as we know him, is a magically augmented animal.  The Fae, whom he guards with the ferocity of a true Fae hound, have pretty much have no interest in keeping track of time, or staying sober, or conducting business in any meaningful way with the outside world.  Hundreds of years ago, one of their most enterprising rulers, in a rare sober moment, proclaimed that they should establish a terrestrial guardian to conduct their business affairs on the behalf of his kingdom.  And so, they selected the most loyal creature they could find – which so happened to be one of their Faerie wolves – and dumped a huge amount of Magick into him.

A Faerie wolf’s intelligence is nearly human-level in the first place, and after the Fae were done dumping Power into this one, he was on par with a human genius.  He was also capable of assuming human form as needed, but his single most important trait remained unblemished: his absolute, unflinching loyalty to the Fae.

Mr. Wulf, or “Dane” as he prefers to be called informally, now oversees an international chain of Fae nightclubs, where much of the magical “underground” activity occurs throughout the world.  Additionally, he’s a trusted broker for exchanges between all parties and factions.  The Fae aren’t particularly ambitious, and Dane’s sole interest in any transaction is that the Fae get their agreed-upon handling fee.  He’s so unflinching in this devotion that even the US Government uses his services upon occasion.  Dane considers his reputation – everyone’s awareness that Dane will broker any deal impartially and faithfully – to be his greatest asset, and he guards it with such ferocity which few have ever questioned it.

Dane has brokered deals over time with most of the major players in the “Breeding Camelot Style” series, such as Morgan Le Fay, Merlin, Argyle – and yes, even Rajesh, the demon in “Evil Takes Wang” – throughout his long history.


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