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  • Evil Takes Wang, Chapter 6 (expired)

    This post’s chapter will expire next Sunday night A while back, I said that I would try posting my next book, “Evil Takes Wang” for free – one chapter at a time.  Today, I am making good on that promise.  Patient, dedicated readers will be able to read the entire story for free, while those…

  • Ever wondered about Mr. Wulf, in “Morgan’s Curse”?

    If you’ve ever wondered about Mr. Wulf in Morgan’s Curse Then you’ll want to read “Evil Takes Wang”, where you get to see a bit more of him than in “Morgan’s Curse“. For a flashback, Mr. Wulf was the huge, white fluffy talking Faerie hound who told Morgana that Merlin had been reborn.  Physically, he…

  • Worshipers of Merlin’s Magic Wang

    The first prequel to “Merlin’s Magic Wang” is now in rough draft! I just finished the first draft of my new “Merlin’s Magic Wang” prequel.  It explores some of the pre-history of the Wang, and one of the earlier folks who wasn’t perfectly compatible with it.  When an incompatible user tries to use the Wang, unpredictable…


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