Worshipers of Merlin’s Magic Wang

The first prequel to “Merlin’s Magic Wang” is now in rough draft!

Ken Haramiru's "Merlin's Magic Wang" series

Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series

I just finished the first draft of my new “Merlin’s Magic Wang” prequel.  It explores some of the pre-history of the Wang, and one of the earlier folks who wasn’t perfectly compatible with it.  When an incompatible user tries to use the Wang, unpredictable results happen.

This story is set back in the 80’s or so.  The following is a fresh-from-my-android, spellcheck-only, rough and unedited sample of my writing.  So, now you get to see why I spend forever editing my stories. 🙂

Of course, do keep in mind that autocorrect is a horrible, mean-spirited thing. There are plenty of instances here where there are typos which happen to be well-spelled words. If it weren’t for autocorrect picking the wrong word, the regular spellchecker would probably be able to tell what I meant a little better. Still, no one and no thing can be perfect.

Worshipers of Merlin’s Magic Wang

It was 9pm when they arrived at the club. Stewart was wearing an all-black ensemble without any jewelry or face paint, which left him a little under-dressed for the brand-new goth club which Raj had recommended. Stewart had worn the shades while driving there, which was technically illegal but much easier to explain than why his dick was inside of some unlucky attractive random pedestrian he’d passed. Still, no one had noticed him and he made his way to the parking lot a few blocks away without incident.
He walked down the sidewalk towards the club, passing a few couples lazily making their way down towards the restaurants. As a solo male, he’d shown up early so that the bouncers would be less likely to leave him waiting outside all night. Stewart was let right in, and he paid his cover charge and went off to find somewhere to sit.
The club was deserted, and the lights were presently higher than they would be later on in the night. The tables were set up, but there weren’t a whole lot of people inside at the moment. “This place heats up later on,” Raj informed him, “and if you showed up once they had people to actually choose from, you’d be standing outside all night. But now you get to hang out for a while and scope out the targets. The good news for you is that if you can find a girl whose lust is all the way in the red zone, she’s probably not even going to mind what you’re here to do.”
Stewart nodded, still uncomfortable with the whole thing. He found himself a small two-seat table off in the corner and sat down, watching the crowd with interest.
A few of the women were showing reddish-orange, but none were quite at the point of red which Raj had promised. Stewart sat and waited, and spent some cash to get a beer to drink so that he wouldn’t look out of place.
At felt like it took an eternity, but in actuality it was only an hour and a half before the real crowd started coming in. The main DJ for the night took over from the trainee who had been handling the equipment until then, and the air filled with a darkly melodic, angry industrial sound.
The women began showing up, too. Pale skin, dark hair, and all the ages from 21 to the late 30s made an appearance. The dance floor lights reflected light from a million studs of metal, and Stewart watched as the temperatures began rising. Alcohol flowed, and Stewart finally spotted one tall Asian girl who was bright red, dancing alone. “Better take her,” Raj said.
Stewart nodded and lifted off his glasses, his gaze fixed solely upon her.
Her hair was long, her face Japanese, and she could’ve been anywhere from 20 to 45 years old. She was dancing in a short skirt and a skin-tight midriff-revealing black top with a lot of holes cut in it and a red bra with ultra-thin straps underneath. As she danced Stewart could see that the bar’s front was actually transparent, and there were a few flashes of her nipples showing through in the dim light. As she moved and shook on the dance floor, Stewart could see the abdominal muscles heaving, and he felt his cock begin to respond.
The Asian was startled, her eyes going wide and scanning the room as Stewart’s cock just began to enter her. His hard-on increased rapidly as soon as he felt her warm pussy, his head enveloped firmly. Her lips parted in surprise and pleasure as she felt her pussy being slowly spread from within, invaded by a phantom cock. She’d taken a lull earlier that evening for energy, and she presumed that this was just a pleasant side effect. She slowly began to dance again, her movements now slower, more deliberately sexual. She thrust her hips and felt the phantom cock penetrate her deep, its thick width hardening within seconds. She ran her hands down her midriff, losing herself in the beat as she felt the sensation of being filled without a man present. She swayed and let out a moan of pleasure as she felt the cock within her wriggling side to side with her movements.
Over at goals table, Stewart couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She’d been dancing suggestively before, but now that his penis was inside of her, the girl was plainly embracing every sensation he could give her. He had to brace himself on the table as her pussy swayed and moved, her every motion translated to him as his cock remained happily inside of her. He felt an overwhelming urge to thrust, but didn’t because he’d look like he was masturbating at the table. But moments later, her eyes caught his. It was like she knew he was the one – either that or she was responding to the raw, animal lust in his eyes.
Suddenly she was facing him on the dance floor, her arms twisting in the air as if embracing him. She ran her hands down her side’s from her rib cage to her hips, then traced the little v of her hip line with one hand down, caressing her vulva briefly as she brought her right hand upwards, her fingers lifting her shirt and trailing up her torso and finally cupping her left breast for the briefest of seconds before she lifted it off and beckoned at Stewart to join her.
He shook his head at first, but she nodded vigorously as she insisted that he join her. He waved, trying not to move with his cock so erect, but then he realized he wouldn’t be pitching a tent anywhere but inside the girl’s pussy. She grinned and started towards him, determined to drag him out on the floor one way or another, and he resigned himself to it. Her every step rubbed his cock more, leaving him that much closer to cumming. But he got up anyway and approached her; she was on the dance floor, enjoying the sensations within her and unwittingly dancing with the man who was actually fucking her.
She turned her back to him and pressed herself up against his chest, swaying her hips and leaving back against him. He tried swaying in tune with her, but of course he was pretty much hopeless when it came to dancing. The girl threw her head to the side and let out a gasp as Stewart felt her climax, her pussy squeezing on his cock repeatedly.
He thrust his hips, his dick deep within her, and she let her mouth hang open in astonishment as his cock mirrored his action. She wrapped her arms around him and faced him, her eyes boring deep into him as she thrust her hips as well. They struck a rhythm on the dance floor, their mutual actions raising curiosity around the floor as they fucked through their clothes, standing up, at arm’s length. She opened her mouth and threw herself at Stewart, and he just barely got his own mouth open before she kissed him and closed the gap, pressing her near-perfect body against him. That moment was too much for Stewart to take; his cock was already the stiffest he remembered it ever having been, and now the kiss had put him over the edge.
He pulled back, clutching her to him in a tight embrace as he thrust upward, burying his cock in her as deep as it would go as it erupted deep inside her. She let out a cry in Japanese which stopped the dance floor for a moment as his cock, actually lined up with her pussy, blasted jet after jet of his long-stored sperm up against her cervix. He lowered his hands to her hips and held her for a moment as he came, his cock still spurting cum inside her. She pulled her torso back just a little, and he could see down her shirt enough to see that her nipples were erect like pencil erasers.
“What the motherfuck?”, she said loudly in accented English. “Best sex I ever have, and not even touching?”
Stewart grinned and pecked her on the lips, releasing her from his grasp. He could see over her shoulder that the bouncers were watching them, and he figured there were rules against being too close for too long on the dance floor.
A fat man in a loud suit approached from the crowd. “Barry Vito, manager. Listen you two, normally we’d stop people dancing like that, but you guys pulled it off really well. Just don’t do it again without talking to me first, OK? I might ask you to do it again though later on.”
Stewart was dumbfounded, but the girl looked down at him and replied, “Maybe! Just come ask when you want it.”
Stewart’s dick was beginning to soften, and the girl let go of him. “Talk?” she asked him, nodding at one of the booths.
Stewart shrugged. “OK,” he said, and followed her towards it. The Asian woman scooted into the booth, and Stewart scooted in from the other side. But what he wasn’t expecting was for the girl to scoot over all the way around to press herself up next to him.
“Listen, I took some pill tonight, so I know that was some of what I felt,” she started, “but I don’t know how you connect with me. Somehow you made it feel real, and I know it was you.”
Stewart shrugged. “Hey, as far as I know it was just dancing. For what it’s worth though, you dance real well.”
She rolled her almond-brown eyes at him. “I know better. I not imagining this.”
She put her legs together and squirmed a little, shifting her hips back and forth. “No, I feel you cum in me. No pill does that.”

Stewart shook his head. “Look, lady, I thought this was just a dance, OK? I think this is getting a little too weird for me, so I’m going to go.”
Stewart slipped his shades back on over his eyes, then nodded his head at the girl. He didn’t really like making her think she was crazy, but he needed to hurry up and charge the battery in order to get it off of him.
He got up and left, making his way back across the room to lurk back at his table. In a flash of magical energy, Raj appeared. “This sucks,” Stewart whispered. The demon could hear anything he said, even in the loudest situations, so he didn’t particularly care.
Raj yelled back, and Stewart was kind of glad that no one else could hear the reply. “That’s one, though! You should be ready to do another one any time now. This relic is supposed to enhance your recovery time too.”
Stewart whispered back, “So what DO you know about this thing?”
Raj shrugged. “Made by Merlin, as kind of a remote control sex device. Binds differently to each user, although there are a few common features. Just, ah, don’t use it around any demons besides me. I don’t want anyone else figuring out what we have going on here.”
Stewart went back to crowd-watching with the glasses, and the floor was gradually heating up. The girls who were bright red already seemed to be with guys, and Stewart really would prefer not to create more drama than he strictly had to. Another girl like the dancing Asian would have been perfect.
A pair of bright red female outlines suddenly appeared in his peripheral vision, and he took off his shades. He wasn’t terribly surprised to see that the Asian girl had come back, but the second woman was a surprise to him.
Her name was Jillian, and she wasn’t just one of the wannabe occultists which were a dime a dozen around the club. She’d begun dabbling in the magical arts at age 13, and now at 19 she was a mid-level acolyte in a local cult dedicated to a semi-pantheon of minor deities. These cultists preferred the more direct, personal touch which lesser powers tended to be willing to bestow upon their followers. While they had no ambition to rule the universe, they did desire to be fed, and the price of their followers’ adoration was only an occasional intervention in the physical world, or a conversation through a medium. None of them were even as powerful as Raj, actually. But that wasn’t relevant here anyway.
“Hi,” I’m Jillian” Jillian said, extending her hand and bending over as she did so, intentionally giving Stewart a view down her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra at all, and the ghostly white of her cleavage shone even in the club’s dim lighting.
Stewart shook her hand and then said, “Stewart. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
Jillian sat down at the table opposite from him. “Well, my friend here says you dance like it’s magic. Some really hot stuff,” she said.
Stewart shrugged. “I try my best,” he said guardedly.
Jillian bent over towards him and fanned her shirt at him, exposing both of her pale salmon-pink nipples to him. “It’s really hot in here, isn’t it?”
Stewart nodded, grateful for the shades obscuring his actual vision, but her voice itself was sultry and inviting. Somehow, he started to feel his erection beginning to stir again.
“I sensed a lot of magic in the air a little bit ago, Stewart,” she said. “Then I sensed that my friend here was involved in it. I can sense magic like you can sense heat from a stove, and I can feel it boiling off of you right now.
She reached across the table and grabbed his shades, pulling them forward off of his face. “Ooo, and these are enchanted too. Tell me, Stewart, what brings you here?”
Stewart grimaced as he felt the glasses removed from his face. He looked at Jillian now, his eyes now seeing her directly for the first time. Her face was a mask of glee as she drank in the concern on Stewart’s face.
“What are you here for, miss?” Stewart asked impatiently.
Jillian leaned back and looked through the glasses at him. She half-turned in her seat, wearing the shades, to look out at the dance floor. Her arm holes were open at the sides, halfway down to her waist and they revealed a generous amount of side boob. “Ooo, this is nice,” Jillian purred. “These are tuned to lust, aren’t they?”
Stewart raised his eyebrow. “What makes you think that?” he asked.
Jillian shrugged as she looked back at him and smiled. “Minor benefit of serving a fertility god. I’m tuned to it too, in case you couldn’t tell.”
She smirked and looked at Stewart, noticing that his body was radiating yellow. “But what that doesn’t tell me, is how you managed to fuck my friend here through her clothes.”
Stewart raised his hands neutrally. “I think you’ve had a fun little diversion here, but honestly I don’t know what’s going on here either. Now, am I free to go?”
“Sure,” Jillian said. Stewart didn’t even feel the sandbag which struck him in the back of his head.

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