Cupid’s Armorer

Cupid's Armorer
Elements of cover art © Pkripper503, © Gbradic, © Ctakik.
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Surprise, I started another project!  This one got into my head and just wouldn’t get out, so I’m getting it finished and out of here.

The good news is that this project isn’t going to be a long one, and it should be published by the end of the weekend.  It’s a completely original story, and for the first time it features my own cover art.

“Cupid’s Armorer” offers an explanation for the question of, “Why aren’t marriages happy ever after anymore?”  My premise is that the problem is that we’ve hardened our hearts; we’ve desensitized ourselves with the internet, media… and well yes, erotica like mine.  As a result, our hearts are SO hard that the arrows which the Cupids have used since ancient times are bouncing off, or not getting the penetration they used to.  When the divorce rate among Cupid matches is as high as amongst people who found each other without angelic help, God decides to shut down this division of His angel corps.

The archangel Michael convinces Him to let them the Cupid corps try one last thing: he recruits recently-deceased Clint Mauser, an armorer from Afghanistan, to replace the Cupids’ bows and arrows with guns.  If humans are going to armor their hearts, Michael reasons, the Cupids are just going to have to switch to armor-piercing weapons.

I’ve written aliens, wizards, demons, werewolves, and now angels.  This is probably the most “romantic” erotica I’ve ever written, although the romances between the cupids’ targets have absolutely nothing on what happens when Clint and Bethany finally have at it.  Make no mistake though, this story is most certainly not safe for kids to read.

Edit: Cupid’s Armorer is live on at this link!



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