“Cum in me if you want to live”

I just had this thought for a sexy inverse Terminator movie.  I might have to do something related to that, in the same way that Progenitor is related to Species. Hearing a sexy Kristiana Loken lookalike uttering that line… yeah, that’s pretty hot. Cupid’s Armorer has been revised and extended. … Continue reading

End-of-month reminder for Kindle owners

Just a reminder, folks: If you have Amazon Prime, you can “borrow” one eBook a month from the Amazon Kindle Lending Library.  Your ‘borrow’ for any given month is lost if you don’t use it before the 1st of the next month, and this is about to be February.  So, if … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse eBook is out!

As I was working on my weekend story, I decided to take a glance over at “Morgan’s Curse” to  identify which areas I really should add more content to.  Historically, that’s what separates my eBooks from the free editions: I go back through and, prior to publication, ask myself “What … Continue reading

Free book for Hump Day!

I’m pleased to announce that Cupid’s Armorer is going to be free for the next two days on Amazon!  Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out my writing yet may be interested.  This one is more story-centric than most of my erotica, so it’s not the very best … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer now available!

Cupid’s Armorer is now available on Amazon.com!  It’s my first Kindle Select title, which means that those of you with Amazon Prime are free to borrow it for free.  In the interests of fair disclosure, Prime only gives you one free borrow a month.  If you want to use your … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer COMPLETE!

Cupid’s Armorer, my third eBook, is now complete!  Or should I say, it’s in draft status and has already been sent off for a second opinion from a fellow author.  Once I hear back, I may make some minor changes and then publish it on Monday.  This will be a … Continue reading

45k words on my latest project

My ‘other project’ is now 45k words in length, which places it at around 150 Baen Books size paperback pages, or around 112 Kindle pages long.  That places it as the longest thing I’ve ever written, and it’s gotten to the point now where it’s been mostly (traditional) action for … Continue reading

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