“Cum in me if you want to live”

I just had this thought for a sexy inverse Terminator movie.  I might have to do something related to that, in the same way that Progenitor is related to Species. Hearing a sexy Kristiana Loken lookalike uttering that line… yeah, that’s pretty hot.

Cupid's Armorer
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Cupid’s Armorer has been revised and extended. There’s a new opening prelude scene, which lets it open up on angelic erotica and gives the reader a bit of a more tantalizing preview.  This is also the first eBook I’ve gotten a proper table of contents for Amazon into!  Anyone who’s already downloaded it can download the new edition for no additional charge.

Anyway, back onto the sci-fi idea… there are lots of possibilities there. After all, the survey I posted showed me that my readers miss the days when I wrote mostly sci-fi and fantasy.





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  1. Zaos Z. Avatar
    Zaos Z.

    Your really good about keeping your followers excited about what projects are coming up next, so what you need are more anthology characters to capitalize on that.

    This way you can write a story with four or five hot episodes, write anther story about something total different and then come back to first for a sequel. Instead of allowing the main character to impregnate dozens of women ‘off camera’ you let them build up a few at a time.

    After you have enough characters you can even have them fight for the right of impregnation. Imagine progenitor vs.. Merlin’s Magic Wang competing to impregnate the members of a sorority. You could include a watered down version of Merlin’s Magic Wang where the character has to maintain visible contact with a live subject to impregnate them, or a progenitor who’s power only effects one women at a time.

    Here’s a throw away idea to get you started, a mans wife accidently curse him with a backfired fertility spell. Unknown to him he now possesses the ability to make any woman he fantasy about want to get pregnant. You could have him wander through his average day, inavertely cousing one hot co-worker after another to go into a breeding frenize. Four to five episodes of hot sex and it’s gold. Then in the sequels he can find out he actually has these powers.

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