Cupid’s Armorer COMPLETE!

Cupid’s Armorer, my third eBook, is now complete!  Or should I say, it’s in draft status and has already been sent off for a second opinion from a fellow author.  Once I hear back, I may make some minor changes and then publish it on Monday.  This will be a Kindle Select piece, but if you’d rather buy it from somewhere other than Amazon, just wait 90 days.  As soon as the exclusivity window is up, I intend to publish it on Smashwords as well, so that it also makes its way to Barnes + Noble, Kobo, etc.

This story weighs in at 13k words, and takes a while to get to the sex, but I think it’ll be pretty satisfying for most readers.  My previous eBooks were generally 1/3rd content that I’d previously written for free and about 13k words of new material, but this one is all-new, and it feels the right length for this story.  It’s a bit more “romantic” than my usual stories, and it takes a while to build up a reason why Clint and Bethany are interested in each other.  The firearms handling, in case anyone reads the story for that, should be pretty much impeccable.

One last point: the girl on the cover is precisely the one I had in mind when I wrote Bethany. She’s a little bit 90s alternative, a little bit angry, but a sweetheart once Clint breaks through her shell.

Edit: It’s live and published on Amazon now, so if you want a copy, click here!






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