45k words on my latest project

My ‘other project’ is now 45k words in length, which places it at around 150 Baen Books size paperback pages, or around 112 Kindle pages long.  That places it as the longest thing I’ve ever written, and it’s gotten to the point now where it’s been mostly (traditional) action for a while now.  Every now and then I wonder if I should perhaps not have started it as an erotica piece… the story is getting in the way of the sex.

That having been said, I’ll write it as it happens in my head, and when I go through editing I’ll  decide where the erotica deficiencies are and insert scenes as appropriate.  I personally do believe there’s a market for plot-heavy erotica, as opposed to the sappy romances or completely plotless hardcore sex romps which dominate the genre (and I’ll admit I contribute to), but this story’s meant to be the test of my theory.

Hopefully by Christmas, the free market will get the opportunity to judge me either right or wrong in this theory.






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