Finishing a final draft is like sex

Probably the final version of the cover for my next story

Probably the final version of the cover for my next story

Finishing a final draft is like sex, except even more satisfying.  I love that feeling of having one less story fighting the others for space in my skull!

Tonight, I just finished my first real eBook in three months!  I tend to publish one title a month, and in March I was getting my 2012 anthology done (setup for the paperback was really complicated!) and February was the free demo piece, She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral.

At any rate, my throat is sore now because I decided to read my own story out loud to myself while editing.  I was surprised to find out that this actually works, and finds lots of things which actually are awkward.  One drawback though, is that unless your wife knows what you write, you need to pick a night she isn’t home to do it.  Mine would probably start asking questions if she heard me graphically narrating how a female robot tentacle-rapes an un-cooperative drug dealer.  Yeah, I think that won’t be how I disclose my secondary career to her…

At any rate, at 13k words it’s about as long as Cupid’s Armorer.  In the interests of fair disclosure, this one is a lot more story-heavy than most of my stories have been.  But if you want to check out the first third or so of the book, check out this post to read the first chapter and see what you think.

It’s been sent to my beta reader now, to see what she thinks of it.  Once I hear back from her, I may or may not make changes before publication.  Either way, this blog will be the best way to find out when it’s available!

And I think I’m going to finish off my evening by working on either Progenitor 2, or She Only Wore Shorts to the Gas Station.

2 thoughts on “Finishing a final draft is like sex

  1. I have noticed a common curve to this our folly, where people get a certain number of “easy” stories out of themselves, and then slow down. I haven’t published anything for two months either – I just put up my first new novella in a while. The thing is to keep going, even just a few words a night. Slowing down is fine. Life gets in the way, the Muse goes on vacation, the new season of Doctor Who begins. 🙂 But don’t *stop.* That’s the trick.

    As DWS says, “A writer is someone who writes. An author is someone who has written.” You want to be a writer, not an author. 🙂

    • Indeed. BTW, on the track of getting stuff done, I suggest checking out “Million Dollar Outlines” on Amazon or BN – it’s an interesting read, although there are a few things where I look at it and think, “Well, that kind of doesn’t work for erotica”.

      I’d kind of like to develop a decent erotica crossover bit, though.

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