Vote for the new title of ‘Winning the Genetic Lottery’… and, a preview for your time!

This (both picture and the text below) is a draft preview of “Winning the Genetic Lottery” (working title).  It’s presently 16k words long, and I think it’ll end up between 24k-30k.  It’s the first thing I’ve written with Scrivener, and I honestly think it’s going to make my job considerably … Continue reading

Experiment with “Cupid’s Armorer”

This post is pretty much just for the writers out there, as they’re always interested in statistics and what works and what doesn’t.  Please bear in mind that this post isn’t to whine about sales, but rather to share with other authors what approaches I’m trying in order to get … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer is now free

  Amazon’s control panel says that “Cupid’s Armorer”‘s free promo is “in progress”.  Hopefully some of you will decide to load it onto the brand new Kindles, Nooks, Droids, and other Kindle-ebook-capable platforms you folks are unwrapping today. Merry Christmas to all! Angels switching from bows and arrows to rifles in … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer, free for Christmas

Just wanted to announce to all and sundry that “Cupid’s Armorer” will be free for Christmas.  Since it’s the only KDP Select title I have, it’s the only one I have the ability to give for free. Angels switching from bows and arrows to rifles in the name of Happily Ever … Continue reading

What to do and what not to do as an erotica writer

In one bit of news, my eBooks have started selling again today.  I’m starting to really think that “how bored do I expect to be tomorrow?” is the big seller for erotica. I should preface the next bit with an explanation of how I see “competition” amongst my fellow authors, one which … Continue reading

An interesting inflection point in stats

Fair warning for those looking forward to some erotica related updates… this post is for the writers out there, and this post will be pretty dry and statistics-oriented.  I’ll forgive you for skipping this one over entirely. I’ve done some studying of sales statistics lately.  Specifically, I was trying to … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse eBook is out!

As I was working on my weekend story, I decided to take a glance over at “Morgan’s Curse” to  identify which areas I really should add more content to.  Historically, that’s what separates my eBooks from the free editions: I go back through and, prior to publication, ask myself “What … Continue reading

Winning the Genetic Lottery

So, this is what happens when I decide that I should get back to my roots with a breeding-oriented short story.  This is from my latest bit, “Winning the Genetic Lottery”.  It doesn’t have any supernatural, science fiction, or other elements.  It does however feature a man so rich he … Continue reading

Statistical experiment underway

So, other authors will find it interesting that my two-day experiment with making Cupid’s Armorer free, resulted in 132 downloads from the US and a handful of downloads from other countries.  Most interesting is that I had around 98 downloads the first day. then 34 downloads the second. Sales of … Continue reading

Free book for Hump Day!

I’m pleased to announce that Cupid’s Armorer is going to be free for the next two days on Amazon!  Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out my writing yet may be interested.  This one is more story-centric than most of my erotica, so it’s not the very best … Continue reading

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