Cupid’s Armorer now available!

Cupid’s Armorer is now available on!  It’s my first Kindle Select title, which means that those of you with Amazon Prime are free to borrow it for free.  In the interests of fair disclosure, Prime only gives you one free borrow a month.  If you want to use your … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer COMPLETE!

Cupid’s Armorer, my third eBook, is now complete!  Or should I say, it’s in draft status and has already been sent off for a second opinion from a fellow author.  Once I hear back, I may make some minor changes and then publish it on Monday.  This will be a … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer

Surprise, I started another project!  This one got into my head and just wouldn’t get out, so I’m getting it finished and out of here. The good news is that this project isn’t going to be a long one, and it should be published by the end of the weekend. … Continue reading

45k words on my latest project

My ‘other project’ is now 45k words in length, which places it at around 150 Baen Books size paperback pages, or around 112 Kindle pages long.  That places it as the longest thing I’ve ever written, and it’s gotten to the point now where it’s been mostly (traditional) action for … Continue reading

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