Cupid’s Armorer is now free


Cupid's Armorer
Elements of cover art © Pkripper503, © Gbradic, © Ctakik.
Obtained from

Amazon’s control panel says that “Cupid’s Armorer”‘s free promo is “in progress”.  Hopefully some of you will decide to load it onto the brand new Kindles, Nooks, Droids, and other Kindle-ebook-capable platforms you folks are unwrapping today.

Merry Christmas to all!

Angels switching from bows and arrows to rifles in the name of Happily Ever After… what’s not to love?

And yes, there are two steamy scenes between the Armorer and the Cupid on the cover, which defy conventional physics because hey, angels can fly and pass through things.

It should go without saying, since I wrote it, but this story is totally not for children or for your grandmother’s brand new reader.






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