Morgan’s Curse everywhere

For those who prefer to read on or, Morgan’s Curse has now been distributed to those two sites as well. I didn’t notice this until just now, but when I posted Morgan’s Curse on Literotica (back in May 2012), it was only 21k words long.  The revised version … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse is now complete!

I have now posted the fourth and final chapter of Morgan’s Curse on  Unfortunately, with it being the final chapter, I can’t actually post a teaser here for the story without spoiling what goes on.  At any rate, I hope people like it.  It involves sex, magical combat, demon … Continue reading

Examining the success of “Forced Awakening”

So, I did a bit of research on Amazon’s Kindle marketplace today.  I figured it was a good idea to know the environment which I was planning to throw the Progenitor eBook into, so I picked an erotica title which looked like it dealt with paranormal and impregnation.  I settled … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse, Chapter 3 / 4 Posted

I’ve just posted the third quarter of Morgan’s Curse on  The last chapter is probably really going to throw you for a loop. If you missed the previous chapters, check ’em out at: (Chapter 2) (Chapter 1) If you like the story, I’d appreciate up votes (it’s at … Continue reading

Merlin’s Safeguard, Sneak Peek #1

Merlin’s Safeguard sneak peek #1 This is the opening scene to “Merlin’s Safeguard” (working title), which takes place a few months before Merlin’s Magic Wang.  Basically, this is what happens to scientists who try to understand wizards’ prized possessions. This is the story I’ve been working on via my droid … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse, Chapter 2 / 4 Posted

I’ve just posted the second quarter of Morgan’s Curse (sequel to Merlin’s Magic Wang) to Those who want to read it, may do so now at the following link: Of course, if you haven’t read the first chapter, you really should.  You’ll find it at Also note that Merlin’s … Continue reading

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