Morgan’s Curse is now complete!

I have now posted the fourth and final chapter of Morgan’s Curse on  Unfortunately, with it being the final chapter, I can’t actually post a teaser here for the story without spoiling what goes on.  At any rate, I hope people like it.  It involves sex, magical combat, demon sex, pregnancy, and a birth.

The URL is:

What’s next?  Well, now I get to try to edit Progenitor 3 for posting within the next month.  This is going to be interesting, as it was the most polarized of all the Progenitor novels.  People either thought it was the best one ever, or the worst one ever, and very few people were anywhere in between.  That’s probably because it was mostly egg laying, mixed with some creative methods of impregnation, but very little sex.  It used to be posted on the now-defunct Impregnorium site, but next month it’ll hopefully see the light of day again for the first time in over a year.

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