I, for one, welcome my new Perl overlords

I just wrote a Perl script that logs into my xnxx account every hour, records my page views, and logs out.  I have to admit that the prospect of someone having commented on my stuff brings me back a couple times a day.  Well, now that I’ve figured out LWP, my script logs in and dumps these stats.  Instead of actually logging into the sites and – SQUIRREL! – getting distracted, I’m now down to taking a look at my log.  I’m also going to learn what time of the day most of my reads happen.  I’ll be very interested to find out whether the reads follow a bell curve or what, and whether there’s a mid-day spike or not.

Edit: I managed to adapt the script for Literotica.  Now I’ve only got storiesonline.net to go before I’ve got stats getting logged for all of the main sites I post my stories on.

My next step, once the storiesonline script is written, is to write a a script that reads the status logs for all of them and notifies me if there are new comments.  Once that’s done, I won’t be spending time looking at my stats anymore, and I’ll get an extra half hour a night back for writing.






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