Comparing Various Story Sites

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a bit of a stats junkie.  I’ve now been running my analytics on the sites I post content on, for long enough that there are some interesting conclusions to be drawn.

I shall use one of my earliest stories, Progenitor 1, as a baseline.  The version posted at Literotica is an older and somewhat suckier version of Progenitor 1, but as I’ve mentioned before it’s a pain getting them to approve revisions.  The perfect is the enemy of the good, and all that. 342.0 views/day 88.6 views/day

Literotica: 55.9 views/day 24.6 views/day

Progenitor’s been on Literotica for just over a year now, and everywhere else for either one or three months.  I’ll probably release my next short story concurrently, for true side-by-side comparison.  But, most of my stories seem to follow the same approximate ratios, so I consider this to be a fairly representative set.

The statistics on who bothers to rate the stories are even more interesting. is primarily a members site, where paying customers can read up to 100 stories a day and typical customers only get to read 16.  I guess that’s responsible for why 6.7% of the viewers actually bother to rate what they read. and Literotica are both free sites, and literotica has probably a little bit clunkier interface.  But the big traffic draw to is the fact they’ve got a huge traditional porn section if you go to instead of  The stats below are the percent of readers who leave a rating on Progenitor 1. 6.6932% 0.9978%

Literotica: 0.7222% No rating, no voting.  So, nothing to report.

So, the big lesson to take away here is that you should post to Literotica if you want a strict critique.  Once it’s good enough for them, post to and for the considerably higher read rate.  And finally, isn’t a bad little site; you may as well add it there.

I personally like seeing comments more than anything else, and I’ll observe that seems to be the top site in the comments category.  Stories posted to Literotica tend to get comments when they’re first posted, and then not a lot after that.

Because of the lack of an internal comment system, tends to result in the most email of any of the sites.  Literotica produces the second most.

Hope people have found this interesting.  In a couple of weeks, I intend to pursue the ages-old question of “When’s the best time of day and week to post stories, on which site?”






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