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For those who prefer to read on or, Morgan’s Curse has now been distributed to those two sites as well.

I didn’t notice this until just now, but when I posted Morgan’s Curse on Literotica (back in May 2012), it was only 21k words long.  The revised version I’ve posted is now 26k words long, and I think substantially better.  I’ll go ahead and post the revision to Lit now, and hopefully they’ll accept the new version.  I hate when some of my readers are stuck with a crappier version of a story because I can’t edit the old one.

In other news, I’m one story away from getting to write all new stuff for a change.

The history goes like this: I wrote some stuff on Impregnorium’s story section a year or two ago, and enjoyed it.  Then the site died, and I moved to Literotica in late 2011.

Then a fan pointed out to me that she’d spent money on a lot of eBooks which sucked far more than my stories.  After looking around at the world of $1-$3 stories, I decided that I may as well throw my proverbial hat in the ring.  I’m certainly not “real author” level, but I believe that my talent level is around the middle of the pack for the e-published indie erotica market.

Once I set that goal for myself, I set out for publicity (posting to a few other sites to get a broader feel for what works and doesn’t), and started slogging through and revising my stories so they’d be at a point where I wouldn’t feel embarrassed if someone paid money for one.

So, for the past three months I’ve been releasing revised, improved versions of my stories to a wider audience, incorporating the feedback I’ve gotten into my edits.  The final completed story of mine which hasn’t been posted yet is Progenitor 3, which is a real anchovy… either people loved it or they hated it.  It was posted for a few months at Impregnorium, and hasn’t been available anywhere since.  This re-launch will be my first ‘new-to-most-readers’ story since that first rough edition of Morgan’s Curse on Literotica back in May.

And then, once that’s done… I get to write new stuff!



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