Morgan’s Curse, Chapter 2 / 4 Posted

I’ve just posted the second quarter of Morgan’s Curse (sequel to Merlin’s Magic Wang) to

Those who want to read it, may do so now at the following link:

Of course, if you haven’t read the first chapter, you really should.  You’ll find it at

Also note that Merlin’s Magic Wang is another story, which indirectly kicks off the events of this one.

If you like Morgan’s Curse and would like others to notice it, I could use a few upvotes on (the link above).  My stories all seem to pick up 2-3 down votes within a few hours of posting, which nukes the story into obscurity until enough people discover it later on and upvote it.  I suspect what’s going on here is that the people clicking the newest stories aren’t looking at the tags and hence they blunder into stories they aren’t going to want to read in the first place.

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