In progress: “She Wore a Sundress to Jury Duty”

Ken Haramiru’s “She Wore a Sundress to Jury Duty”

Cover art is pending for this, but the latest Brent Allen novel places him in jury duty.  He’ll end up meeting an attractive female juror, and over the course of the week-long trial, he’ll repeatedly discharge his civic duty in her jury box.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one.

In Other News

Still working on “Progenitor 2”.  I’m halfway through with the mall scene, which places me at around 2/3rds of the way done with the book.

And Lastly…

I don’t link that often to other blogs, but this article really hits the nail on the head.  Impregnation stories speak to a part of us that really isn’t all that wrapped up in how many orifices we managed to combine into one giant giga-orgasm.  It gets down to the basics: you’re fulfilling the biological imperative which brought you into being.  There’s a kind of primal drive which other genres simply can’t fulfill.

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