Well, I’m a father to be

Not a joke. My girlfriend K is about six weeks along, and we’re marrying when she hits 8 weeks when risk of miscarriage drops under 5%.

NO, we aren’t going to post pics. Sorry, just not our thing. Never has been, never will be. And we’re both white collar professionals whose careers would be royally fucked over if our identities got out.

This was completely unplanned. She was on birth control pills, taking them religiously, same time every day – and I managed to breed her anyway.

We think the magic recipe was:

  • Daily, active workout routine involving lifting free weights for both of us, and swimming.
  • Bullnox pre-workout – tweaks how testosterone is processed by the muscles. Might have also rendered the progesterone in her BC pills moot.
  • Synedrex diet supplement – this is probably the big thing, it tweaks your metabolism and we think it “burned off” the BC hormones.
  • Fish oil supplements – apparently these are taken by women trying to get pregnant, not just weightlifters.
  • Positive body response to improved fitness. She was slimming down, getting into the best shape in her life. That’s got to have done something. (And it was at the gym I wrote about in “They Needed A Jump” btw!)
  • Me fucking her brains out, naturally! No condoms, never pulling out. She loves it when I cum inside her, and we THOUGHT that was safe… oopsie.

Other important facts:

  1. For anyone following my blog (haramiru.com) – this is K, whom I’ve mentioned before. Apparently the “bedroom gymnastics”, as a reader put it, have a result.
  2. She still doesn’t know my pen name, but a signed paperback “To my wife”, is going to be one of her wedding presents from me. Her trying to guess who I am, has actually been a long running hide and seek game between us, but as a married couple there will be no secrets.
  3. Our child was conceived during Comic-Con 2015, and it’s awesome that we have (non-naked) pictures of ourselves from that day.
  4. She just found out Monday morning, 8/17/15, that she’s 5 weeks along. So she’s due in late March / early April.
  5. My dog and wolf hybrid have become *INTENSELY* protective of her – they knew before we did.
  6. She craves onions already, and can’t handle eggs. Her lactose intolerance has virtually gone away. You should’ve seen the huge smirk she had when she walked in drinking a milkshake the other day, for the first time in ages.
  7. I’ve seen so many marriages get ruined when pregnancy kills the man’s sex drive… so my promise to her is that I will fuck her every day she’s willing and able. Last night I fucked her four times. My dick is raw. I’m still going at it. DICK CALLUSES BUILD CHARACTER!
  8. She does have a son from a previous marriage, and the dad’s not in his life. My stepson-to-be is great, and he’s going to be “training wheels” for my own kids.
  9. …apparently she has a breeding fetish. Holy hell the bedroom talk is straight out of my erotica novels now. And she doesn’t want this to be her only pregnancy with me.
  10. It’s freaky to me, now that I really am fucking a pregnant woman every day, how a lot of the stuff in erotica novels is ACTUALLY RIGHT. I always thought most of it, (obviously including what I wrote since I wasn’t writing from experience) was largely exaggeration.
  11. She’s moving into my house officially right after we get married. The aptly-named Labor Day weekend.
  12. Not even our families know yet. That’s gonna get really interesting, since we’ll be dealing with very religious types on both sides who view this as evidence we WERE fucking up a pre-marital storm. Oh well. Shit happens, and then you deal with it. And they can be part of our lives or butt right out.
  13. We’re not so convinced there’s only one baby in there. It’s only been a week since I wrote this and she’s already outgrowing the pants she’d previously had to skip. She found out today that she’s lost the ability to suck in her belly, and that should’ve taken longer.
  14. She’s having to try to hide her pregnancy until she gets hired perm at her job. It’s getting really tough as her belly insists on expanding a little bit every day, going forward (while she usually carries her weight to her sides).

Overall – this is pretty awesome, albeit unexpected. We had no idea just how ideal the timing was on this, and with her son getting to start school in my district without a transfer it’s going to be minimally disruptive for him too. And I’m relatively sure if I’m kept up late with the kid, I’ll end up writing more.

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