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I decided there’s no reason to be unfair to my Progenitor fans by leaving them out of the Vella party, so here we are. I’ve just published the first chapter of Progenitor 4 as a Vella episode, and I’m following an every-two-weeks release cycle for it. This means the first three chapters, previously unseen to the world, will all be available to read for free.

I really am liking the way that Vella makes me move forward. If anyone’s annoyed that I’m only releasing a new chapter around twice a month, that is a fair criticism. But I’ll also point out that had I been doing that since Progenitor 3’s release in 2017, there would’ve been around 132 episodes posted by now. Based upon how many words I’m averaging per episode in Fallback, and the average length of a Progenitor book, I’d be on Progenitor 16 by now at this very sustainable two chapter a month rate. And it’s better to start late than never.






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  1. Sean O'Neill Avatar
    Sean O’Neill

    Will you still be publishing them for Amazon kindle?

    1. haramiru Avatar

      Absolutely will, once the story arc’s complete.

      With an ebook, you need to actually finish everything before you publish it, which then leads to a potentially endless cycle of trying to improve the story with every writing session (which means burning tons of writing time on re-editing).

      With Vella, once you’ve released a chapter, that’s it. You focus on the chapter, you edit and polish the chapter, and then you post the chapter. Then you ensure you actually get the next one written. So, it forces me to keep moving forward and progress the story until I finish it.

      The big realization I had is that I am not doing my fans any favors by waiting to get things perfect. It’s been five years since Progenitor 3 was released, and I’ve gotten roughly half of P4 written in that time period. But now, I’m relatively sure that P4 will be done by the end of this year at the very latest.

      So, when the story arc’s all done, I’ll be grouping the episodes together, doing any smoothing edits or overall improvements I deem necessary, and lastly releasing the ebook form on all my usual outlets (Amazon, Smashwords, etc).

      Eventually, I’ll also put out a third Anthology volume as well, for the folks who use Kindle Unlimited. I do need to finish more stories before I can do that, though.

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