Statistical experiment underway

So, other authors will find it interesting that my two-day experiment with making Cupid’s Armorer free, resulted in 132 downloads from the US and a handful of downloads from other countries.  Most interesting is that I had around 98 downloads the first day. then 34 downloads the second. Sales of … Continue reading

Free book for Hump Day!

I’m pleased to announce that Cupid’s Armorer is going to be free for the next two days on Amazon!  Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out my writing yet may be interested.  This one is more story-centric than most of my erotica, so it’s not the very best … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer

Surprise, I started another project!  This one got into my head and just wouldn’t get out, so I’m getting it finished and out of here. The good news is that this project isn’t going to be a long one, and it should be published by the end of the weekend. … Continue reading

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