Progenitor 3 final draft out to beta readers!

Nearly four years after releasing Progenitor 2, Progenitor 3 is finally out to the beta readers! Unless they happen to spot something glaringly wrong with it, I expect to release it within the next couple of weeks. Until I hear back, I’m going to occupy myself with eBook formatting so that it’s ready for release as soon as it’s cleared.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from the rave chapter:

Amita took my hand and tugged me towards the pool in front of the DJ’s sound stage. The pool was only about a foot deep, but it was about as wide as the stage, and at least six feet from front to back. Computer-controlled water shows were sending bolts of water overhead and pulsing lights to go with the music, and they probably planned to run soap bubbles through it at some point tonight. Amita smirked at me and said, “We can’t let them down, can we?”
I laughed and walked towards it with her, and a horde of women followed us towards it. Amita and I managed to weasel our way through the crowd, but the women following behind us just shoved their way in like a Roman phalanx. Amita didn’t stop when we reached the pool, just stepped in. I was pleased to discover that the pool’s floor was basically a giant traction mat, so I wasn’t worried about slipping.
Standing in the pool, Amita stripped me out of my shirt, and I worked on my pants while she yanked her pasties out from under her bra, letting her nipples peek out behind their sheer lacy cover. As her top splashed down in the water, dozens of camera flashes started winking from the audience. The minute she started to pull down her panties, the crowd erupted with cries of “Fuck her!”, “Fuck him!”, or “Fuck me instead!”.
Moments later, we were bathed in a spot light. I looked up to see the DJ give us an approving thumbs up before going back to her spinning. Apparently impromptu sex shows were fine as long as the audience approved, so I just went with it.
Like some horny faerie queen, Amita now wore nothing but glitter, a tiara, and her wings. She sparkled brilliantly in the stage lights as she sloshed towards me in the mid-calf-deep water. For that matter, I was covered in glitter myself, and I’m sure it looked like we’d actually planned this. A ring of voyeurs had formed, and a few girls still half-heartedly reached for me, even though they knew my choice had already been made. Amita gestured for me to lay down, probably trying to keep her wings from getting wet. I complied, getting comfy as the Indian girl crouched over me, her warm pussy seeking my shaft again. Her now-practiced hand quickly found my penis and guided it in to impale herself on me, taking the ride long and slow. She threw her head back and moaned, then I was surprised to see her whip out her phone from its hiding place in her wings. I raised my eyebrow and she said, “Sorry – selfie moment!”
I chuckled and thrust harder, taking her attention back off of the phone and into the moment. She rode me up and down, and the pool rippled with the waves as we thrust. Amita’s lips formed a smirk as she addressed the crowd and shouted, “He’s available once I’m done. So if you want a piece of him, come on in and sit down in the water.”
“What about you? You available afterwards?” yelled a guy.
“Gonna be pregnant by the time he’s done!” Amita replied. Everyone laughed, which made me start laughing – and then Amita started laughing too.
Little-known fact: laughing sex is AMAZING. On a girl like Amita, it makes her insides tighten up just right during sex. Like sneezing, but without the mood-killing spray and snot.
A surprising number of the girls followed Amita’s advice, sitting down in the water, utterly oblivious that my sperm would soon be swarming throughout the pool, looking for targets. Amita’s wings fluttered as she bounced, making her look like a sex-crazed butterfly. She looked around at the semicircle of watching women, most of whom were touching themselves as they watched us. Amita let out a pleasured groan and ran her hands down her midriff, pressing hard and savoring the sensations as she relished the anticipation.
“I love this,” she said breathlessly, “and I want our baby so bad.”
I shrugged. “Well, you’re going to actually have several in a few minutes,” I offered.
Amita smirked. “I mean the actual baby, not just eggs. God, if only I weren’t going to forget how this feels! I’d think back on it every night when I touch myself. And once I’m done laying eggs, I’m getting myself pregnant. I’ll be touching myself constantly for the next nine months,” she said.
I was getting close by now, so I wasn’t inclined to talk. I focused my attention on her body instead, and on driving my dick as far between her legs as possible. The DJ had switched to a fast-paced dance number, easy to thrust to but at a tempo which guaranteed I wouldn’t last much longer.
Amita rested her palms on my chest, her perfect brown breasts bouncing rhythmically in front of my face. I felt a single drop of pre-cum escape my tip and probably impregnate her, but I was determined to finish anyway. I leaned back, relishing the fact that the water was wicking away excessive heat from my body even as Amita and I built up heat between us. The water tickled my balls a little, and I felt that last-minute surge of hardness that I sometimes feel towards the end. I wrapped my arms around Amita’s back and pulled her to me, kissing her as our tempo shifted a little. We stopped the long in and out thrusts anymore; now it was just teetering back and forth at the end, my tip seeking maximum penetration and getting it. I was almost there, focusing now on keeping myself as deep inside her as possible.
I kissed her, then turned my head to the side and whispered into her ear, “About to cum. You’re gonna get pregnant.”
That set her over the edge. Amita’s orgasm struck her like lightning, making every part of her clamp down in unison. I let out a stifled grunt myself as her vagina grabbed my dick, squeezing it and demanding that it release the sperm it so desperately wanted. We held each other tightly as I came, every last pulse of my cum slamming into her cervix like a wave overwhelming a sand castle. There was no way in hell I hadn’t just fertilized her.
Amita pulled back a little, smiling mischievously. She looked around at our circle of female voyeurs, many of whom were kneeling or crouching without their pussies in the water. “Sit down, girls,” Amita called. “If you ever want me to let him go, that is.”
The girls who weren’t already sitting down, did so. Amita dismounted me partially, letting my still-erect dick wave freely in the air. The thin layer of cum on my dick seemed to vanish as soon as it touched the water. And then Amita grinned and spread her legs, a giant load of my sperm dangling from her pussy for a moment before it dropped free into the water. It struck and then dissolved on impact as my nano-enhanced sperm dispersed to seek out more targets.

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