Evil Takes Wang, Chapter 1: Jillian’s Servant

Evil Takes WangI’m nearly done with “Evil Takes Wang”, and I felt that now would be an appropriate time to spring the preface to the story on you all.  This takes place a little bit before the events of the main story, and establishes exactly what our hero is up against.

Two chapters left to proof, then I subject my beta readers to it, and then – it’s available!

Jillian’s Servant

Had Nathan slept with a succubus, rather than the all-too-human priestess of a demonic cult, he’d have stood a chance of keeping his free will. Oblivious to this fact, the mid-20s man leaned against a balcony railing and filled his lungs with hot, dry Arizona mountain night air. Phoenix’s far-off city lights twinkled in the distance, even in the relative cool of the night. Crickets chirped somewhere below him, and a warm breeze kissed the sweat from his skin. The full moon overhead was enough to show his pale skin and lean, medium-sized frame. Nathan’s now-disheveled light blond hair made him look like he should be searching for ghosts in a van along with a dog and a bunch of college kids, although his cartoon counterpart probably wuld’ve noticed something amiss earlier. Suddenly, a rustle of sheets came from the door behind him, causing his mouth to crease in an incredulous smile as the lady of the house re-awakened.

He looked back at the bed and met the gaze of a gorgeous woman named Jillian, whom he’d first met a few hours ago. She’d been dancing at a club, surrounded by a small cluster of intensely good-looking men. Although any of the group could’ve had any woman at the club they’d wanted, their attention was all focused on her. Strangely, they didn’t seem jealous of each other as her attention shifted smoothly from one to the next. Jillian danced with them all in turn – and then she turned her eye towards Nathan, much to his surprise. Jillian smiled widely, then just brushed all her men off as if they didn’t exist and strutted right up to him.

“Hi,” she’d said to him. “You’re kinda hot. Wanna dance?”

They spent only a short time on the dance floor before she begged him to leave the club with her. They drove for miles outside the city, finally reaching her mountainside house. The entire way there, she teased him from the passenger seat, shedding most of her clothes before they even arrived at her house. The house itself was three stories tall, built on the side of the mountain and easily large enough to house a dozen people but curiously empty. Nathan was gawking at the cavernous foyer when Jillian grabbed his hands and placed his palms on her breasts, demanding his attention.

“The tour comes later, buddy. Take care of me first,” she insisted. They kissed, squeezing each other with frantic energy before she led him to the bedroom and they made love for the first time. It had taken only minutes; he’d been close to coming before they even made it to the bed, and he only lasted a matter of seconds once she accepted him inside her. There had been no time for protection, no preparation, only the explosive sensation of injecting her with his cum, bare and unprotected. He realized, horrified, what he’d done only after he was already cumming. Jillian seemed to notice it, but only got turned on as she threw back her head and screamed, accepting him even as he pumped his seed into her pussy, her arms and legs wrapped around him just as intensely as if he’d first taken the time to build her to a needing heat. They clutched each other as the heat faded, and Nathan rationalized that there was no point in pulling out, so he waited as his cock slowly began to shrink and withdraw. A few minutes later, she fell asleep and Nathan carefully disentangled himself and crept out to the balcony to think over his choices. That had been about a half hour ago, and the memory of her body’s warmth still tingled on his chest like an after-image of the sun through closed eyes.

And now, she was awake again.

Jillian admired Nathan’s outline as he turned, his shoulders sloping just right and catching just an outline in the moonlight. She’d sat up in the middle of the bed, the covers gathered around her waist and her body bare otherwise. Her legs were folded beneath her, and just enough pale moonlight spilled in from the outside to show her breasts perfectly. “I’m not done with you yet, you know,” she chided him.

Nathan pushed away from the railing and walked back into the bedroom, smiling hopefully. “Not disappointed after last time?” he asked.

Jillian rolled her eyes and shrugged. “I know a warmup when I see it – fast first time just means a longer second wind. But, can I ask you one tiny little favor?”

Nathan climbed onto the bed, facing her and said, “Anything.”

Jillian turned her back on him as he approached, still sitting up. She smirked as Nathan cuddled up behind her, pressing his warmth up against her skin. She felt his member brush against her ass, and she pressed back against it just a little. “Swear to serve me.”

Nathan’s eyebrows furrowed. “Do what?”

Jillian half-turned so that he could see her lips as she repeated, “Swear to serve me. It’s a sexy little game I like to play.” There was a rustle in the sheets, and her long, silky fingers found his cock and stroked it for a few moments before she continued with, “It really gets me in the mood for just about anything, if you know what I mean. Just a little kink of mine.”

Nathan smiled – he’d told bigger lies to get tail before, and he was sure that he could summon some genuine sincerity for this one. “Sure,” he said. “I’ll serve you.”

Jillian scooted herself, turning around to face him, and kissed him on the lips. Her perfect breasts brushed against his bare chest for a moment before she raised both her hands and pushed him, sending him back onto the bed. She stretched herself over him on all fours as she approached him, her breasts brushing gently against his chest. “Say that you’ll serve me, body and soul.”

Nathan wrapped his arms around her and felt her body mold itself perfectly to him. Her hands ran their way down his back as she positioned herself. He felt her mound against his shaft, and the hint of heat within as she slid it against him. As his tip trailed down her slit, just barely outside of her pussy, there was a kind of electrical tingling sensation between them, a charge like lightning about to strike. Nathan let out a little whimper of pleasure as he felt her pussy, wet and moist, find his cock and take his very tip just barely inside her. Jillian froze there and hovered expectantly in front of his face, her eyes begging him to speak. Nathan didn’t even hesitate before he blurted out, “Fuck, yes! Body and soul, I’ll serve you!”

Jillian’s response was a squealing gasp of pleasure as she completely impaled herself on him, her pussy instantly swallowing his shaft whole. Nathan’s eyes rolled back in his head as she shifted her weight, settling in for a long cowgirl-style ride. Her perfect curves caught the reflected moonlight as she rode him, her torso swaying as she straddled him and sat vertical. She ground her hips against him, her vagina clutching him expertly within her – and then she stopped again. She stared at him, smiling broadly, and Nathan looked into her eyes incredulously. He was desperate; at this point, his need was almost a tangible thing. She locked her eyes on his and then began to slow down. He could sense an implied threat, that she’d stop soon, or worse, get off of him. “Forever?” she asked.

“Till the end of time,” Nathan promised. She threw back her head and resumed riding him, and he started thrusting again; they moved together like a single perfect creature. She was panting now, her mouth just a little parted as her body tensed in anticipation of impending release. Jillian ran her hands up and down her own torso as she rode her lover’s cock, feeling her own perfect breasts and her firm, flawless waist and hips.

Nathan couldn’t remember his cock having ever been harder, and he wondered if he’d ever be able to think of sex the same way again. Jillian’s body was perfect in ways he’d never even imagined, and her every curve seemed to radiate a perfect sexuality which had somehow been reserved for him. She was like an erotic goddess, to whom he willingly offered his entire being in exchange for this perfect moment. On second thought, he decided that she was less of a goddess, and more like the priestess of a higher power, one which could only be sensed through this transcendent ritual.

These unaccustomed thoughts ran through his head, echoing against each other and filling his mind with an ever-loudening din of worship and adoration. He could feel those thoughts beginning to push out other ones, less important ones, such as… well, where did he live? Not that it mattered anymore. Sex this good, he thought, deserved loyalty. She was his focus now, his leader, his – priestess.

Jillian began panting, her breath coming faster as she felt Power flowing into her body through her pussy. She basked in her god’s approval, and a wash of emotions flooded through her. Jillian threw back her head and cried out as she experienced an orgasm which had little to do with the man fucking her.

Nathan felt her pussy clenching his cock as she climaxed, and he let out a whimpering noise as he felt his own orgasm building. He tried to hold back, to prolong this perfect moment for just a few seconds more. But it was impossible – his priestess looked down at him, her eyes boring into his as she commanded him, “Give me your seed! Give me your seed, and seal our compact!”

It was impossible to resist. Nathan’s cock pulsed and throbbed, swelling to its utmost within Jillian’s perfect vagina. He clutched at her desperately, managing to get just a fraction of an inch deeper before his hot seed exploded within her in tribute to her beauty. Something made him afraid to spill even a single drop.

Jillian’s panting gasps built up into a shriek of pleasure as he came, and her entire body glowed a visible purple as Nathan ejaculated and sealed his contract. Her hair stood out straight as Power flowed into her, then was channeled into her god via their link. She arched her back as she felt her god behind her on the bed, his claws just barely making contact with her skin but crackling with purple arcs of Power. The room filled with the sound of electricity as her god communed with her, draining away the mystic Power she’d built up with Nathan. Her body quaked, and her pussy practically exploded with pent-up moisture. “Oh my god,” she said, “my god my god, I love you” the priestess cried out.

Nathan’s hands held her steady as her body clenched and tightened, sealing herself to him as she shivered in pleasure. In the back of her head, Jillian couldn’t help but be amused at the fact Nathan thought she was talking to him.

Nathan was speechless, still in shock from the most compelling orgasm he’d had in his entire life. Jillian took a few moments to curl up on his chest, luxuriating in the literal afterglow of feeding her god.

“Thank you,” Nathan whispered breathlessly to her. “That was the best I’ve ever had!”

Jillian smiled sweetly. “I’m glad you thought it was worth it. Now go, I’m about to pray.”

Nathan’s brow furrowed, and then he felt a tightness around his neck. He coughed and reached up, but his fingers only felt skin. His wind pipe felt like it was beginning to close off, though, and he sat up in bed. “Go? Go where?” he asked. “Back home?”

Jillian smirked and pointed at a mirror at the foot of the bed. Nathan looked in it, and squinted in disbelief. He could see himself in the mirror, but he could also see a glowing yellow collar around his neck.

“What am I supposed to -” and the collar squeezed, choking him and tugging him towards the bedroom door. The door itself opened, and one of the men who’d been dancing with her at the club stood in the doorway. The man was hulking and impressive – but not threatening. Nathan could see a collar around his neck as well, glowing dully, and the giant sadly shook his head in disappointment.

Jillian smiled and waved dismissively. “Show him the ropes, Jackson. I think I’ll keep him.”

Nathan tried to scream, but the collar cinched shut and only a gargling whimper escaped his throat. He staggered towards the door under the collar’s insistent pull, and the hulking man on the other side stepped aside and waved him through. He found that the collar loosened itself as he walked, and the door to Jillian’s bedroom shut behind him.

The rest of the men from the club were standing in the hallway, along with others who hadn’t been there. They all looked sad, some broken, and others angry. But they all wore the same glowing collars.

The big man stepped forward and put his hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “At one point or another, we all made the same dumb decision. From now on, you’ll do anything she tells you or the collar will choke you.” He stepped back and bowed with a flourish. “We’re all servants of Jillian, priestess of Mordred. And we are damned.”



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