Month: December 2013

  • Business Insider has noticed Amazon’s latest crackdown

    Amazon’s banning monster erotica – and Business Insider noticed When Amazon did what’s now the “crackdown before last” and removed my “Cum In Me If You Want To Live“ from Amazon), I found myself wondering why they would leave “Cum For Bigfoot” unscathed, while removing a relatively tamer piece about a time-travelling combat robot impregnating a…

  • Evil Takes Wang, Chapter 1: Jillian’s Servant

    I’m nearly done with “Evil Takes Wang”, and I felt that now would be an appropriate time to spring the preface to the story on you all.  This takes place a little bit before the events of the main story, and establishes exactly what our hero is up against. Two chapters left to proof, then…

  • Ever wondered about Mr. Wulf, in “Morgan’s Curse”?

    If you’ve ever wondered about Mr. Wulf in Morgan’s Curse Then you’ll want to read “Evil Takes Wang”, where you get to see a bit more of him than in “Morgan’s Curse“. For a flashback, Mr. Wulf was the huge, white fluffy talking Faerie hound who told Morgana that Merlin had been reborn.  Physically, he…


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