Business Insider has noticed Amazon’s latest crackdown

Amazon’s banning monster erotica – and Business Insider noticed

Cum In Me If You Want To Live, final cover
Cum In Me If You Want To Live, final cover

When Amazon did what’s now the “crackdown before last” and removed my Cum In Me If You Want To Live from Amazon), I found myself wondering why they would leave “Cum For Bigfoot” unscathed, while removing a relatively tamer piece about a time-travelling combat robot impregnating a woman in order to save the future.

Well, they’ve now ‘come’ for “Cum For Bigfoot”, and Business Insider has written an article about it here:

Honestly, this repeated silliness with Amazon, the frustration of erotica authors, and the increasing difficulty which our readers have when trying to find what they want to read, just proves that the eBook market is ready for disruption, and that erotica traffic needs to move into a new and different channel.

And here’s where I hope that disruption comes from

As a Smashwords author, I’m very optimistic about Scribd, and hope that it can provide the disruption which the market needs.  Scribd is basically Netflix for ebooks, and it’s about to start receiving titles from Smashwords.  As long as Scribd doesn’t jump into asinine censorship games, it’ll be awesome for both the writers like me (who are very happy if people read our stuff and we get paid for it) and the readers who like paying $8.99/mo to read through all my stories which you’d otherwise pay $2.99 each for.

I really hope that Scribd burns Amazon’s KDP division badly in the $2.99 “popcorn ebooks” area.



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