Not quite dead yet, but working on karoushi…

For those who know Japanese, “karoushi” means “death from overwork”, and I’m working my way up to that point.  Over the last few months, my postings here and my publishing schedule have fallen by the wayside as my day job’s workload has expanded until it’s practically eliminated the time I have for my second job or my writing (yes, writing is my third job).

Whining and complaints annoy me, so I’m just going to lay out the facts of the matter and let my readers judge them as they see fit.

  • My minimum day-job work load is 10 hours lately, and I’ve been staying overnight at the office a couple days a week.
  • My second job ties up most of my weekends, plus some of what’s left of my evenings.

This is why a set of edits which I’m perhaps three good days of work away from finishing, have taken the last bloody month with no real traction being made.  My apologies, folks, but my most sincere hope is that I’ll publish “Evil Takes Wang” before Christmas.  I’d hoped to publish that and finish another project or two by this point, but that’s apparently not destined for reality.

My apologies in advance for getting peoples’ hopes up with my last couple of posts about the story being out in short order.  But when your day job demands your attention, you don’t get to say no.

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