Amazon has banned “Cum In Me If You Want To Live”

Cum In Me If You Want To Live, final coverCum In Me If You Want To Live, which is probably one of my least offensive stories, has been pulled offline on Amazon, but I’ve responded by making it free on Smashwords (which is where you’ll end up if you click the title or the ebook cover to the left). Amazon has decided that its cover and description are too offensive.  Go ahead and click here if you want to see what happens if you try to load it on Amazon.  I could see perhaps flagging the description, but the cover?  Seriously, she’s showing less skin than most covers, and the word ‘cum’ is not a stranger to Amazon’s title list.  “Cum For Bigfoot” remains there as of this writing.

Anyway, this asinine exercise is seemingly  at the behest of a UK publication called Kernel Magazine, which is all worked up about the admitted flood of “daddy rape” erotica.  That’s a genre I really can’t get behind myself, but the only thing which “Cum In Me If You Want To Live” has to do with any of that is that the robot rapes a person.

Of course, other titles are differently affected.  I notice that “Cum For Bigfoot” is still available, although I notice that now it’s not possible to link to that with an affiliate link.

At any rate, the battle lines seem to be drawn.  Amazon seems to be pulling down every title that Kernel Magazine wants to name, and then reaching out for more that haven’t been mentioned.  I’m curious how many of my stories will be purged in the process.  They’ve already marked my author profile as pariah, thus ensuring no one sees links to my stories unless they’re also browsing another pariah author’s profile.

More importantly, I’m wondering how long readers who happen to like my stories – and those of authors like me – will tolerate this before moving to Barnes & Noble.  Seriously, folks, I’d way rather see you buy my stories through anywhere but Amazon!

At any rate, the best solution to this would be if Amazon were to simply create an actual pr0n outlet.  Give erotica its own separate site and let us publish whatever our readers want.


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