Thinking About My 2013 Anthology

It’s now August, and I find myself thinking, “Oh holy crap, the year’s 2/3rds gone now.”  My 2013 anthology (i.e. everything I published in 2013) is right around the corner, so to speak.

Right now, it’s slated to contain “Cum In Me If You Want To Live”, “Progenitor 2”, and “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station”.  That’s 3 paid stories for the year so far, and the last anthology was 5 paid stories and a free one.  I’ve got a bunch of partially written stories I need to finish up too, of course,

Speaking of Free

I’m planning to release one of the next two “Breeding Camelot Style” stories for free, whenever I finish them.  Haven’t decided which yet.  One of them is a Morgan’s Curse prequel, and the other is a Merlin’s Magic Wang prequel.

Teaser for “Morgan Goes to the Office” (tenative title)

San Jose, California, 1997

Sal had a bad habit of developing hopeless crushes on his female co-workers. He’d worked with a number of hotties over the years, but he was never any good at making in-roads with them. As a desktop support specialist at one of Silicon Valley’s numerous dot-com’s, he was frequently placed frustratingly close to some very attractive, smart women with successful careers – and of course, usually very successful boyfriends. While Sal was reasonably attractive and still in his early 20s, his lack of self-confidence caused him to fail miserably at any form of interaction with any women – co-worker or not – beyond his day’s work.

This is why, as he left the building one evening, he did a double-take when he noticed a devastatingly attractive blonde standing just outside the side entrance. She had shoulder-length, curly hair and bright blue eyes. As he opened the door, she looked up at the motion, saw him, and smiled. Sal froze like a statue as she began walking towards him.

“Hi,” she said as she approached, closing until she was arm’s reach from him. He could smell a hint of perfume wafting from her as she tossed her golden hair, sending a lock of misplaced hair out of her vision. Her eyes sparkled as she asked him, “Do you work here?”

Sal froze for a second, then ran his hand nervously through his own medium-length black hair. Given that it was the late 90s, the whole “geeks are sexy” counterculture hadn’t sprung up yet, which meant that he wasn’t used to attractive women even considering him to be the same species.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered nervously. The woman was professionally dressed, her waist enclosed in a form-fitting black skirt while her generous chest tried to escape from a white, silky, deep-plunging button-up shirt. Her blond hair was up in a bun, but with a few ringlets of golden hair dangled along the sides of her face.

“Wonderful,” she said. “Then uou can let me in.”

“Um,” Sal stammered for a moment before saying, “Well, actually I can’t. Visitors have to come in through the front lobby.”

The blonde smiled conspiratorially and stepped closer to him, her magnificent cleavage so close that he could feel the heat radiating from her chest. “I just need to use the little girl’s room,” she whispered. “It’ll be our little secret.”

She paused for a second before tilting her head a little and adding, “If you need, you can stay with me to be sure I don’t do anything.”

Sal backed away, his hands outstretched. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I really can’t let you through this door without a badge. But if you’ll come with me to the main lobby, I’ll be happy to sign you in and you can use the restroom there.”

She rolled her eyes a little, then popped another button on her shirt, which further exposed her already dangerously low neckline. Sal realized with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra at all, as he glimpsed a peek of her perfectly round, pink aureola. The shirt was going lower and lower by the moment.

“What if I let you hold onto my shirt?” she offered. “Surely you wouldn’t think that I’d run around in your building topless, would you?” She unsnapped the last button now and pulled her shirt out, letting it hang from her shoulders and cover her breasts through luck alone. Sal stole a glance down, his eyes wide in surprise and desire. Her perfectly tanned breasts showed no tan line as the shirt hugged her contours, only barely covering her nipples on either side. A breeze caught it and let it flutter, pulling it back so that he caught just the hint of her underboob. Something in the back of his mind swore that breeze and fabric didn’t work like that, but he couldn’t summon enough concern to care about it. Instead, he shook his head sadly and said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, and you’re gorgeous – but I can’t let you in unless you sign in in the lobby.”

She grinned and stepped forward, and her shirt opened for a brief second before she pressed herself up against him, her warm breasts soft through his shirt. Sal wrapped his arm around her, returning the hug out of conditioned habit, but had no real idea what to do next.

The girl raised her head towards Sal’s ear and whispered into it, “You just survived the layoff.”

Sal blinked in confusion, and she stepped back for a second to gesture at a trash can across the walkway. Sal was unable to pay attention to anything but her exposed breast though, as she made the gesture. “This is on video. I’m employed by a security firm contracted by your company, and we’ve been hired to test employee resolve. Your manager actually failed the test, and he’s being let go.”

Sal quickly shifted gears into surprise. “So this was about choosing who to fire?”, he asked incredulously.

She shrugged as she stepped back and started to button her top back up. “My company gets hired for a variety of reasons, although downsizing is one of the most common. We find out what would tempt an employee the most, and offer it to him or her in exchange for a violation of the employee handbook. That having been said, I wasn’t kidding about needing to use the bathroom,” she said.

Sal shrugged. “Well, as long as you’re fine with using the one from the main lobby, I’m ok with it,” he replied. “I don’t need to get fired.”

The blonde took his arm and hung off of it, and they started walking towards the door as she finished buttoned her shirt back up with her other hand. “My name is Rachel, by the way. And before you ask, yes I was a stripper before I landed this gig.” She kept her eyes on Sal as she relayed the last sentence, enjoying the mixture of disbelief and enthusiasm on his face.

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