“Progenitor 2” now live on BN; new cover for “She Wore Shorts To The Gas Station”

Progenitor 2 is now live on Barnes & Noble!

Evolution doesn't care if you enjoy it
Evolution doesn’t care if you enjoy it

“Progenitor 2” is now live and available for download from Barnes & Noble!  It’s of course also available on Amazon and Smashwords, too.  This is truly the “Director’s Cut” edition, and my next grand undertaking will be to finish my rewrite of Progenitor 3 so that it’ll also be ready for prime time.  I’m one story away from being able to write the first truly new Progenitor story for the first time in a year. Just one warning for people, though: here’s a non-consensual breeding scene in there.  Some might argue that she had it coming, but really that’s no excuse for his actions in the mind of a normal person.  Of course, his hardwired instincts don’t give much of a damn about politeness.

New cover art for “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station”

When Erica plays "Baby Roulette", Brent wins either way
When Erica plays “Baby Roulette”, Brent wins either way

My ongoing campaign to have Dhalia Rheine of Honeyshadow Design replace most of my self-made covers, is almost complete.  The latest one she’s replaced for me is “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station”, which is one of my Brent Allen adventures.  I’ve come to appreciate Dhalia’s uncanny ability to find sexy and context-appropriate stock photos even more than I appreciate the fact that she charges almost nothing for her services.


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