Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor 2” released!

Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor 2” released!

Evolution doesn't care if you enjoy it
Evolution doesn’t care if you enjoy it

Progenitor 2 is now out on Smashwords and Amazon, and hopefully it’ll be out tomorrow on Barnes & Noble.

This is the “Director’s Cut” of Progenitor 2.  You can get the free version from my Progenitor series page.  As the caption implies, not all evolution is consensual.  There’s a scene of forced impregnation which some may find objectionable, but it’s the same basic scene as in the shorter free version, so feel free to preview it before you buy.  Fully 60% of this story is new content which has never before been available, and the remaining 40% is now much better paced and edited than in the free version.

As usual, my cover artist is the inimitable Dhalia Rheine of Honeyshadow Design.


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