Having no time to write, sucks

Probably the final version of the cover for my next story

Probably the final version of the cover for my next story

Ever have one of those days that just sucks?  And then think back and realize that it wasn’t just a day, but it was like four or five days which all blended together?  Work late, edit for an hour, sleep less than 8 hours, go back to work, work late, go help your buddy at his job, go home, edit for an hour, sleep less than 8 hours, repeat cycle x3?

Yeah, that’s been my life lately.  So unfortunately, my expected publication time for “Cum In Me if You Want to Live” has been pushed back.  I’m in no way cancelling anything, it’s just going to be a while before I can in good conscience click “Publish” because I can’t get more than an hour or two at a shot to edit.

Now, having only a bit of time here and there to edit, has shown me plenty of spots where I could improve the story.  I’ve actually finished the full story to draft status, but I just made some huge improvements to the flow of the first chapter (the one where she’s fighting her way to the time displacement device) and have been working on the rest of it.  Also introduced a new character, who will probably be involved later on if I actually write a sequel.  I do however require much more editing before it’s ready for the readers.

Of course, I could just become one of those authors who literally shits out an eBook rife with horrid grammar and spelling, figuring people will burn $2.99 on it and not care.  I’m under no delusions that I’m on par with the output of a professional editor, but good Lord people, some folks writing erotica just have no pride in the English language at all.

Personally, I’d fracking love it if someone were to get annoyed at the grammar, description, or something like that in one of my stories and say, “You know Ken, you use too much of <X> types of word here” or “You should really stop alternating between X and Y structures all the time.  Pick one, or introduce Z too.”  Heck, once on a free site I had someone tell me I used too many emdashes, which I’d never noticed.  That made my day, seriously.

Anyway, that’s where we are.  I haven’t forgotten about any of my beta readers, it’s just that writing has been way slow lately.

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