Excerpt from “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station” (Brent Allen #2)

I actually pretty much saw this exact outfit on a different blonde in real life.

I actually pretty much saw this exact outfit on a different blonde in real life.

My next Brent Allen story opens up with this gem: “My name is Brent Allen, and I have a fucking problem: every week or so, I meet a new woman who wants to fuck me. I’m not complaining at all!”

The title isn’t quite as catchy as “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral, but this story is longer and has much more sex in it.  There are three sex scenes in it already, and I’m not done writing.  When Brent decides to nail a woman, he just doesn’t stop.  He’s a veritable jackhammer; twice in the bed and once in the jacuzzi so far.  I’m going to let you read the jacuzzi scene right now.

At any rate, don’t forget to read “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” to get a feel for the series too.  It’s free on Barnes + Noble, and already has one good review.  If you like it, I’d really appreciate a few more good reviews there as well.

The scene: Brent and Erica have had a few meetings, and this was the night they became physical.  They had sex in the bedroom at night, again when they woke up, and now they’re about to break in the jacuzzi.

“I should get going”, Erica said as she reached for her clothing.

I lifted her in my arms and said, “Only once I’m done with you.” I carried her into the connecting bathroom, her arms wrapped around my neck and my other arm supporting the back of her knees. I looked down at her, enjoying the sight of her breasts pressed against my bare chest. Erica smiled back up at me as I set her down to turn on the water.

“You’ve got a jacuzzi tub?”, she asked.

I shrugged. “The ladies seem to like it”, I observed as the water began to fill the bottom.

Erica lowered her head and peered at me, making me wonder if she wore glasses normally. “How many? That thing looks big enough for three people.”

“…or two people comfortably.”

I stepped over and got into the tub, the water quickly filling up. Erica took her turn next, gingerly lifting her slender leg and revealing her pussy as she stepped over the edge and sat down in the water. I reached over and grabbed Erica, the water making her almost weightless so that I could simply shift her in the water. She let out a yelp of surprise, and her legs were spread wide as I pulled her over to me, and then her face took on a smirk as she realized where she was. Her taut, fertile pussy was resting right on top of my cock, which was beginning to stir again, and the tips of her breasts were just barely touching my chest.

“Someone doesn’t think he’s done yet this morning”, Erica chided me.

She leaned her neck down and kissed me again, sliding her pussy over my cock and enjoying the intimacy of the contact, even underwater. I returned the kiss, my arms circling around her and enjoying the warm feeling of our contact. Erica was just starting to try to get me inside of her when I picked he up, lifting her up bodily and scooting her over towards one of the jacuzzi jets. She looked at me in puzzlement until she felt the water strumming along her clit. Her breath caught and she leaned into it, her pussy demanding and then receiving more stimulation. “Ooo”, she said, “I like that.”

I smiled and leaned back into the water, relaxing as she took the jet on her pussy, her eyes closing contentedly as her mouth hung open. “This SO beats the shower nozzle”, she pronounced as the water jet took her, leaving her more and more wet and ready as it went on.

She started to breathe faster and harder, her arousal becoming tangible as she spread her legs and pushed back into it, the stream attending to her needs in a way but building another set of needs entirely as it went. Her face reddened and her teeth clenched as she started to climax, and then her eyes shot open. “Oh, hell no”, she proclaimed loudly to no one in particular.

I raised my eyebrow in surprise, but it didn’t last long. Moments later, the water sloshed as she re-positioned herself, straddling me in the jacuzzi. “Like hell am I going to fuck a water jet when I’ve got a perfectly good dick right next to me”, she grumbled.

I was already hard from watching her pleasure herself, and it took no time at all for her to squat down and swallow my cock in her pussy. I let out a breath in surprise as Erica scooted down, spreading her legs on either side of me to take me inside of her as deep as possible. I normally wouldn’t be hard again this soon after ejaculating, but an 18 year old pussy has its ways of waking up a 36 year old cock.

Erica was bouncing up and down on me, causing rhythmic ripples in the tub. Her breasts slid in and out of the water, droplets of water falling off of her nipples and striking the water as we fucked. I reached up behind her back and pulled down on her shoulders, driving her hard onto me and splitting her as wide open as I possibly could.

My erection was almost painful this time, but I felt myself getting close again. She kept going, her firm midriff visible through the splashing water. I looked straight at it as we fucked, then looked up at her. “Why do you want to risk a baby in there?”, I asked her as her muscles rippled.

Erica’s hands were on my shoulders, her torso leaning forward just a little as she fucked me. Her hair was wet, plastered to her shoulders, and she smiled. “Why shouldn’t I? When I’m 80 years old, what will I care more about – that I missed a few years of partying with my friends, or that I had more years loving my children? That’s what my friends and I think about. It’s why we play baby roulette.”

Her logic was loose, but it had a certain charm. But her pussy had even more charm, and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop this. I was going to cum inside her again; my will was useless. And if I filled her with my child, then so be it. She was half my age, but her words held a wisdom which I’d hear echoed later when I was twice my age.

I brought my hands lower, lower, wrapping them around her waist as I felt my ejaculation begin. “I’m cumming now”, I told Erica. “I might get you pregnant.”

She smiled and kissed me. “I’m ready for you”, she said. “It’s ok.”

I gritted my teeth and thrust, lifting her slightly out of the water as I came inside her in one titanic blast. I gripped her waist as it happened, my sperm flowing freely into her most intimate regions. Erica’s hands were on her belly, massaging its flat surface as she repeated, “It’s ok.”

The flow of sperm subsided, slowing down and then stopping. We floated there together, the warmth of the water covering our bodies as we remained connected at our genitals. Erica turned her head to the side and laid against me, feeling my heartbeat beneath her as she put her womanly body against me. My hands were on her shoulders, rubbing up and down as she snuggled up against me.

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