An excerpt from Progenitor 2’s extended edition!

This is the eBook cover to Progenitor #1
Produced by Tatiana at Vila Design ( ), I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

So, just to reassure my readers that I haven’t forgotten about the Progenitor series, here’s an excerpt from Progenitor 2.  If you’ve read the free edition of Progenitor 1, but haven’t read the extended edition… well, they’re designed so that the plot still makes sense, but the extended edition has so much additional content that it’s three times the size of the free edition.

This scene is set on the second-story railing of a hotel, which has a view of the Progenitor’s last scene, where there are several flashing red and blue lights.  Let’s just say that the Progenitor just escaped a hot female cop’s handcuffs by fucking her into submission less than an hour ago.  But now he’s managed to check into a hotel, and he’s about to get a good night’s sleep for once. Or so he thought – remember, he was in an old age home for years before dying and being resurrected as the Progenitor.  And key cards at hotels are kind of new to him.  Hell, I’m nowhere near that old myself and I still have problems with them!

I sighed and tried the hotel room door a couple more times, unsuccessful each time. Annoyed, I turned away from the door and hung my elbows on the railing, staring out at the night scene down below. My eyes were drawn to the flashing red and blue lights farther down the street, where I’d created a scene earlier. Would I end up getting caught in the end? I wasn’t really in the mood to find out.

The door next to me opened, and I noticed a cute blonde in her late 20s peek her head out, then slip out through the door carefully without opening it all the way, as if to avoid disturbing another occupant. She had a half-drained coffee cup in her hand, and she took a couple of steps forward and rested her elbows on the balcony, then took a sip from the cup. She wore a dark blue, tight tank top, which covered modest-sized breasts which a push-up bra was producing an amazing amount of cleavage from. She took another sip from her coffee cup, then without turning her head from the police lights she asked, “Trouble with your room key?”

I nodded as I glanced down, unable not to take in the artistic curve of her ass as she leaned against the railing. She wore tight black jeans which looked like they’d been stitched onto her. “Yeah, I figure I’ll go bother the clerk here in a few moments.”

Her head was still angled forward, but she turned it sideways and the right side of her mouth creased up in a grin. “Did you try pulling it out fast?”, she asked.

I furrowed my brow. “Fast? Nah, I went slow so that it could read it.”

The blonde shook her head and chuckled. “Try fast – that’s probably your problem.”

I pushed myself away from the railing and bowed next to my door, slipping the card in and then pulling it out quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to see the light turn green, and the solenoid in the door lock made a quick whirring sound as it released.

“Wow, you’re a lifesaver, Miss…?”

The blonde turned around and grinned. “I’m Faye. Don’t feel bad though, I got the thing wrong myself at first too.”

I nodded. “Well, thank you anyway. I wasn’t looking forward to messing with that.”

She shrugged and leaned back against the railing, her body sleek and seductive. “No problem. What’s got you out here tonight?”, she asked.

Part of me wanted to just say something rude and cut the encounter short, but she had helped me get into my room. I decided to see what the truth got me.

“Oh, just normal spring break antics. Impregnating a dozen women a day, that sort of thing.”

Faye spat out her coffee, laughing into it. “Ok, that scored a spew. Congratulations.” She brought up her hand and wiped her mouth. “Well, I’m actually here for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, and the rest of these party poopers conked out early. Nothing to do until tomorrow afternoon”, she said.

“A pity. Where are you from?”, I asked.

Faye tossed her hair, then ran her hand through it to smooth it. “Kansas, actually.” I found myself watching intently as she ran her hand through her hair. “And by the way, you won’t be getting me pregnant. Not even if I wanted you to.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”, I asked.

She nodded. “Yep, which is why I’m single now. Just a word of advice – if you end up marrying someone who can’t stop talking about starting a family, first make sure you’re not infertile. It doesn’t end well.”

I winced. “Sorry to hear it. Adoption wasn’t an option?”, I asked.

Faye shook her head. “His kid or no kid. When the doctor said I’d never have kids, he got drunk and abusive, and I got out. He had divorce papers drawn up the next day.” She looked angry, and frankly I didn’t blame her.

“Would you like to hang out tonight, Faye? I promise not to get you pregnant”, I offered.

Faye smirked and pushed herself away from the railing, taking a step back towards her own room. “Sorry buddy. It sounds fun and all, but I think I oughtta take tonight easy.”

A few moments later, she was fishing around in her pants pockets. “Damn! I left my keycard in my purse, and that’s in the room.”

“Anyone in there you could wake up?”, I asked as she peered through the blinds.

“Yep, there’s someone in there, but there’s no waking her up. My roomie is completely shitfaced, and she sleeps like the dead any time she gets a drink in her. I guess I can go hassle the guy at the front lobby, though.”

Faye turned to walk towards the lobby, but then her eyes settled on the open doorway to my room. And then there I was, standing in the doorway and looking into her jade-green eyes, smiling just a little. I could see the tip of her nose twitch as she inhaled my scent, and she froze in place for a moment, like a deer staring at an oncoming car. The attractive blonde paused for a moment, then shifted her weight and looked at me appraisingly.

“Tell ya what, stud – is that offer still open?”, she asked me.

I smiled invitingly and stepped back into the room, bowing and making a sweeping gesture inside. “As open as this door”, I replied with a grin.

Faye ducked through the door after me, then kicked it shut with her heel. She knocked back the coffee cup, draining the remainder of it down her throat with a single swig. “You know, half the single girls at the bachelorette party found guys for the night. My last-minute options were looking pretty rough, so I decided I’d rather not go home with a guy.” She stepped towards me, running her hands up my arm, lingering on my bicep. “I’d have gone home with you, though.”

I smiled, stripping off my shirt to her admiration. Faye ran her eyes over my rippling muscles greedily, taking in every angle. “Damn”, she said. “This is just going from good to awesome.” I hopped backwards onto the bed, bouncing a few times as I tried out the mattress.

“Your turn”, I opined as I laced my fingers behind my head, consciously showing off my pecs as I did so. Faye smiled as she reached down and snagged the bottom of her tank top with her fingers, then pulled it up and lifted it over her head. I let out an appreciative whistle as her bra bounced once it was clear of her tank top. Her bra was a simple black affair which served to lift and compress her breasts, shaping them into an exquisite display of cleavage. Next, Faye reached behind her back, and there was a snapping noise as the bra came unhooked. Her breasts shifted as she brought her arms forward, then her fingers closed around the front and she pulled it down and off, baring her chest in front of me.

Now Faye stood in front of me, wearing nothing above the waist. My eyes were instantly drawn to the small dark pucker of her belly button, and then they made their way up her midriff. Her breasts were medium sized, but I was surprised to see how little of a tan line she had. Her waist was slender and firm, arranged in a classic hourglass shape. My eyes drank her body in greedily, admiring every inch of it as she put her hands on her hips and said, “Your turn again, stud.”

I hopped up off of the bed and pulled down my shorts, revealing my cock and my thighs. I held my arms out to my sides a little and pivoted around in a complete circle, letting her have a view of my ass.

She let out a whistle of her own and unzipped the front of her jeans, then began to wriggle her ass free. I certainly didn’t mind the sight of her breasts softly bouncing as she fought with her pants. “If you don’t mind my asking, what do you do for a living? You look like a male exotic dancer, you know.”

I smirked. “Dunno, yet, the aliens just dropped me on the beach earlier this afternoon. Haven’t decided what I want to do for a living yet.” I didn’t really care if it came off sarcastic or just plain weird; it did me good to tell the truth, even if no one believed it.

Faye rolled her eyes as she won the fight with her pants and kicked them loose. “Ok, I get it, none of my business.”

I sat down on the bed and stretched out. “Well, I did serve a few years in the Army. I haven’t really got a plan for what I’m doing next, but I have enough money to be comfortable for a while.”

Faye walked over to the bed and climbed up on it, and I admired the almost feline lines of her body as she approached me. “How comfortable?”, she asked.

I shrugged. “Three months at least, even if I don’t earn anything in the meantime. Now, exactly how is it that a Kansas girl like you has no tan lines to speak of?”

Faye giggled. “You like it? Well, let me just point out that it’s easy to find good spots to lay out when your parents have a corn field. It’s about the only thing to do out there.”

I reached over and cupped her breast with my right hand and said, “Well, I very much approve.”

Faye grinned and brought up her own hand to trace my chest. “And so do I. Now c’mon stud, show me what you’ve got.” She spread her legs and stretched out on the bed, her pussy letting the unmistakable scent of her arousal waft into the air.

I smiled and rolled over, mounting her in one fluid motion. My cock was hard, but I didn’t put it in yet. Faye was beneath me, her lips hungry for my touch and straining up to reach mine. I kissed her, and she brought up her hands to stroke either side of my bald head. I shuddered as her warm fingers danced along my ear, behind my jawline, and then down my neck as her lips danced with mine for a few moments before we opened our mouths and began to kiss in earnest. Our mouths pressed insistently against each other, frantically working as if we were trying to meld into one being and that was the place it was all going to start. Her hands trailed down my back, feeling every seam of muscle as my own hands explored her warm, feminine body. I found myself saddened for Faye, even as I simultaneously found myself smiling that I’d probably now found a woman who would still remember me the next morning. And then Faye put those thoughts out of my mind as she thrust her hips at me, her pussy a smouldering cauldron of love juices which my cock desperately needed to dive into.

I took a sudden breath as her pussy brushed the tip of my cock, painting it with her juices as she adjusted herself and looked just the right angle. Unable to wait any longer, I thrust downward experimentally, plunging my cock into what felt a firm canyon of slippery, hot oil. Faye squeezed me with her arms as hard as she could, trying to draw me inside her in every way possible. I gave myself to the moment, thrusting into her to the hilt and burying my cock completely inside of her in response to her urgent need.

Faye pulled her lips away from mine for a second just to say, “That! Keep doing that!”

Oh well, since when did pillow talk make sense? I gave myself to her without reservation, thrusting into her and stroking her thighs, envisioning how my cock was skewering her, my member just a few inches away from the sheets we were making love on top of. It struck me at that moment just how much a woman has to trust a man to let him inside of her during sex.

Faye ground against me hard, as if she could fuck the mental pain out of herself if she fucked herself raw. And I think I did everything I could to make that happen. She clamped down on my cock with her pussy, taking me deep as I felt her every curve pressed against me, writhing sinuously. She kissed me again, her lips parting to reveal a questing tongue which acted like it was trying to find a new home in my mouth. I ran my hands up behind her back and felt the side of her head, tracing the delicate curve of her ears. I could feel her pussy grind harder against as I ran my fingers through her hair, starting at her temples and sifting back along her scalp. I felt, rather than saw, the motion of her jawline as we kissed.

I brought my left arm lower, feeling the curve of her back as it gradually transitioned to the hourglass of her lower back and then blossomed back out to her slender hips. I thrust like an animal, my cock plunging into the deepest depths of her pussy as she began to let out a whimpering gasp through her nose, our lips still locked together.

I brought my hand down and felt the gentle curve where her ass met her lower back, then pulled. I buried my cock just a fraction of an inch deeper than it had been, and she let out an inadvertent yelp of pleasure into my mouth. I disengaged my lips, letting her have an open airway so that she could suck in a deep breath of air before she let out a gasp of pleasure.

I brought my other hand down, clutching her hips for leverage as I plowed into her, my cock burying itself completely and probing around in her pussy. I wasn’t pulling back at this point, just moving very slightly while almost at full extension. Faye’s body was beaded up with sweat as she let out a series of moaning gasps, and I could feel every slicked curve of her body beneath me. She was still bucking her hips for me, her body begging for the fluid which it knew I would give it. Her sex act was at once so beautiful, so meaningful and yet meaningless at the same time. We could never conceive a child, but her every chromosome told her to try, ignoring all of logic’s entreaties because her body simply refused to accept that it was barren. All of that was going on in the back of my head, and I’m not sure whether those thoughts were really mine, or if they were the alien programming trying to tell me to stop wasting my time on Faye. But I didn’t give a damn what the programming said; tonight was for me, and for her – just the two of us, and the locked-in instinctive programming didn’t even get a vote in the matter.

All I cared about was that Faye was here giving herself to me, and I was going to please her to the best of my ability. I felt the familiar fiery sensation begin to build up in my cock, and Faye was already at the peak of her climax, her gasps reaching a crescendo of urgency and then fading away before shooting up again to a new height. Seconds later, I let out a grunt of my own and stabbed my cock into her as far as it would go, then held it there for a few seconds before it convulsed and exploded, injecting my hot sperm into her willing pussy. Faye clutched me to her and pulled as if she were trying to drive my cock all the way through her body. I kissed her again and she met me eagerly, our tongues exploring each others’ mouths even as she laid back and accepted millions of my sperm into her pussy, my cock shuddering within her as it unloaded its precious cargo. We held our kiss as my ejaculation continued, then I released her lips as I finished cumming inside of her.

My mouth was now just inches above her lips, my weight still distributed mostly on my hips. Her forehead was plastered with hair, and her breath came in ragged gasps. “Holy fuck that was good!”, she said as soon as she regained some composure.

I smiled and rolled over. “Thanks”, I answered as I shifted the blanket around. “It was amazing for me too.”

Faye looked at me incredulously. “You’re going to sleep now?”, she asked.

I paused for a second and thought about it, then propped myself up on an elbow. “Actually now that I think of it, not yet.” I brought up my lips and gave her a quick kiss good night. “Now I’m going to sleep”, I said, just before rolling over.

Faye giggled. “How you guys can do that, I’ll never know.” I scooted backwards in the bed, and she took the hint and wrapped her arm over me. I felt the twin globes of her breasts as they pressing against the flat of my back, their warmth seeming to radiate through my body, and then her legs entwined themselves with mine. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face, happy that for the first time in what seemed like ages, I was able to have sex without having to run, and then sleep without worrying about the next morning.

“Good night, stud”, Faye murmured out. I felt, more than heard, the giggle as she said, “You know, I don’t even know your name.”

I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. “Tomorrow morning, ok? I promise I’ll still be here to talk about it.”


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