Beethoven wrote Eroica!

Seriously, he did.  He wrote the Eroica Symphony, also known as his third symphony, which I’m listening to right now as I take a break from writing erotica (with a t, mind you).  Apparently it’s named because Eroica is Italian for “heroic”.  I choose to entertain myself with the thoughts of setting intercourse to it, so therefore I am typing furiously as the musical inspiration blasts forth from my speakers.

That having been said, I’ll toss out a status update here.   “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is now only a couple of chapters away from completion.  It’s presently 27k words long, and I have a hunch it’ll be around 32k words by the time it’s finished.  I’d dearly love to have it complete and published by Monday night, but I fear that is not going to be the case.


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