End-of-month reminder for Kindle owners

Just a reminder, folks: If you have Amazon Prime, you can “borrow” one eBook a month from the Amazon Kindle Lending Library.  Your ‘borrow’ for any given month is lost if you don’t use it before the 1st of the next month, and this is about to be February.  So, if … Continue reading

Movement towards Progenitor 2 extended edition

I don’t know why, but I find it easiest to write to Tchaikovsky.  Just seems appropriate. At any rate, I’m presently revisiting the Progenitor universe to expand out Progenitor 2 to the point where I consider it worthy to be released as an eBook.  I expect that it will end … Continue reading

“Winning the Genetic Lottery” published on Smashwords and Amazon!

So, I’ve finished my latest eBook, “Winning the Genetic Lottery”.  It certainly wound up longer than I expected!  Back in December, I thought it was just going to be a quick concept short-story, but I wound up writing 34k words on it before I could really say that I’d explored … Continue reading

Erotica Author Community

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, is that there’s not a whole lot of places for erotic authors to chit-chat and share info on what works and what doesn’t.  Not so much on writing, but on marketing, dealing with publishers, cover designers, etc. To that end, I’ve … Continue reading

Beethoven wrote Eroica!

Seriously, he did.  He wrote the Eroica Symphony, also known as his third symphony, which I’m listening to right now as I take a break from writing erotica (with a t, mind you).  Apparently it’s named because Eroica is Italian for “heroic”.  I choose to entertain myself with the thoughts … Continue reading

Hit ctrl-b and keep typing!

My regulars here know that I tend to write about three things: erotica, statistics, and writing itself.  Lately, I’ve been deficient in that third category, and I wanted to share something which I’ve been trying to get better at lately. You know how you get blocked on stuff?  Forget it; … Continue reading

Title chosen: “Winning the Genetic Lottery”, and an excerpt

Sadly, I haven’t gotten anything noteworthy accomplished the last few days.  While I did really want to get my first story-focused erotica novel out the door sooner than this, I have to confess that my non-writing life has demanded my attention of late.  But I’ve gotten a bit more done … Continue reading

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