Analyzing Successful Writers: Twitter

I just got back to town this weekend, and decided to do a little bit more “erotica writer 101” centric research.  Today was an exercise in looking at the more successful authors that I track on Novelrank, and seeing what they do for publicity.

What stood out to me was that nearly 100% of them have a Twitter feed.  That does NOT mean they actually update them, strangely enough.  A lot of them have feeds which they leave idle for months, which actually makes sense.  If you post a lot of items which your readers consider irrelevant, even on a short-posting medium like Twitter, you’re likely to get unfollowed.

If one looks at my Twitter account (haramiru), you’ll see the authors I’m following and can look at their feeds.  What I see as a commonality is that they mostly just tweet when they’ve got something coming out, but it seems that readers prefer to get their updates in that kind of format: short, sweet, to the point.  So, I intend to try it and see if my sales rates change any.  Naturally, I shall share my final results after a month or so.

At some future point, I may actually write a ‘breaking into erotica’ how-to guide, once I consider myself to have broken in.  There’s plenty of neat things I’m learning as I go along.






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