Movement towards Progenitor 2 extended edition

I don’t know why, but I find it easiest to write to Tchaikovsky.  Just seems appropriate.

At any rate, I’m presently revisiting the Progenitor universe to expand out Progenitor 2 to the point where I consider it worthy to be released as an eBook.  I expect that it will end up being around 25k-30k words long by the time it’s over, and most of the bonus content will happen before the events of what you presently see as “Progenitor 2”.  Mostly it’s his antics as he tries to get a hotel room, and then the antics which transpire as a result of his getting one.

To the free story folks, rest assured that I haven’t forgotten about you.  Progenitor 3 still needs some serious re-working before it’ll be ready to release again.  As written, there were so many indirect impregnations in that story that the fans tended to feel like it was a different kind of story altogether.  I’m going to adjust a few things, and make some changes to Amita in order to make her less of a brooding psychotic revenge type.  I’d like to keep the fundamental events the same, but I may adjust motivations and such.

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