New edition of Progenitor out for Smashwords readers

So, I just fixed some formatting issues which had previously caused Progenitor not to have any actual chapter divisions in the NCX file.  This means that you can actually select Chapter 1, Chapter 3, etc, from the side of your reading device.

The wonders of digital publishing means that all you have to do to pick up the version with working chapters, is to sign in with the account you bought it on, and re-download it.

I’m actually not exactly sure how to do that for the Amazon version (they have a different means of partitioning files), but I’ll probably get motivated figure it out.

…aaand, I wrote another 2k words on my other project today.  I’m not optimistic about finishing it by the end of the month, but you never know.  I would love to publish both that and the eBook of Merlin’s Magic Wang by the end of November.

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