I love work…

Well, actually I don’t love work that much.  But when I can take a 20-minute bathroom break and crank out three pages of my next short story on my android tablet, I find myself getting less bothered by it.  This happens in the Merlin universe, and it involves a facility of scientists paid by the government to figure out some of the paranormal relics which they get ahold of.

In other news, I just noticed that a few days ago, Progenitor 1 reached its one-year anniversary on Literotica.  I used to post my stories on the-impregnorium.com before it went down, and expanded over to Lit later on, so I think I actually started close to a year and a half ago now.  The more astute readers will notice that I’ve linked to stories.xnxx.com; this is because I’d rather link to the latest version, and Lit apparently holds revisions to way tighter standards than new submissions.  Seriously, my revised piece may not be perfect, but if it fixes several dozen from the original edition… isn’t it better to accept the revision?  But no, they really want to push you into using their editors.  Not sure what that’s all about, but I’d feel bad about using a volunteer editor’s services on something I may take commercial eventually.

Like I say, I have no delusions of perfection here – but I know for a fact that the revision which they rejected for “spelling” fixes a lot of errors vs the original version that they still have up.  But, to each their own.

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