Progenitor 3 nearly finished!

Progenitor 3 is almost finished, finally!

I’ve been getting a fair amount of writing done in the evenings lately, and Progenitor 3 has really been coming together.

Those who read the version that I posted years ago on the Impregnorium will notice that certain primary points – such as the girls’ bedroom, the sorority house in general, and the hot tub scene – are absolutely still there.

What’s been added is much clearer motivation for Amita, because the “why” of her collaboration with Phil was probably the most awkward thing in the original story. Now she’s responding to a once in a lifetime chance to fulfill her pregnancy kink – not just tonight, but over the next nine months at college too. And she’s determined to film as much of it as she can for her own records, since she knows she’ll forget it all otherwise.

And after that, she and Phil go to a rave full of college students. She doesn’t just want to knock up her sorority, but all of the sororities!

The rave is written now, and all I’ve got left to finish is the epilogue leading into Progenitor 4 (and holy crap it’s awesome to write new content for once!). We’re finally getting on the road and escaping the Southern California coast, because evolution shouldn’t see geographical boundaries.

Progenitor 4 direction

It gets teased a little in P3, but P4 will uncover more of the aliens’ motivations – why they’re trying to accelerate human evolution along a single track instead of just letting it happen naturally. If left unguided, our species is capable of evolving into a bio-weapon which the galactic government has destroyed worlds to contain – which is why Earth and all other undeveloped human worlds are quarantine zones.

Unfortunately for us, there are more aliens than the ones who resurrected the Progenitor, and some of them just want to evolve humans into bio-weapons and ship out as many as possible before the rest of the civilized galaxy notices.






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