Month: April 2015

  • A preview from Progenitor 3

    Folks get tired of hearing, “I’m working on it!” – well, this is some sample text from the edited version which proves I’ve made some serious improvements. Amita seems much less deranged, and the Progenitor seems less like a passive fuck-toy. From Progenitor 3 Amita looked at the egg in her hand, twisting it slowly […]

  • The Erotica Gold Rush Era

    My erotica career began in 2012, at the end of a “gold rush”. I owe it to new authors to help set reasonable expectations on writing income between then and now. When I first published in late 2012, I caught the tail end of a “gold rush” which had started a few years prior. The […]

  • Found something my readers will appreciate

    So, it turns out that over on Tumblr, there are a *lot* of breeding-centric pr0n blogs, many of them apparently run by women who get off on the fantasy of breeding. I’ve created a Tumblr account just to provide links to some of the Tumblrs which I think my readers would be most interested in. […]

  • In case you didn’t know, Erotica had its own Muse – Erato

    Although I knew since I was a kid that the Greeks believed in nine Muses, I recently discovered that one of them in particular is responsible for erotica. Her name is Erato, and her specific responsibility is erotic poetry – which makes her the Muse which we erotica writers seek favor from. Yes, of course, […]

  • “They Needed A Jump” released!

    My latest free erotica short, “They Needed A Jump” is now available! This is my first release this year. I’m trying to get better at balancing writing and life, because last year it was way unbalanced on the life side and the year before that… well, writing was what I did instead of living. Anyway, […]


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