Amazon’s mystical hidden category keywording

Progenitor1thumbI recently told a woman I’m dating that I’m an erotica author – just not which one.  Lo and behold, this sparked a fire of curiosity in her which has launched a grand quest for my identity.  She had a clever idea: Navigate into Amazon’s erotica section and get a list of all the sci-fi erotica authors, then sift through them all.

Well, that was an interesting concept, and I decided to see exactly how big the haystack she was looking for me in, was.  Lo and behold, I found out I wasn’t a sci-fi erotica author according to Amazon.

This was interesting to me.  I knew I’d never seen science fiction in the category drop-downs on the KDP site, and I’d entered “sci-fi” as one of my keywords on all my science fiction erotica books.  But, it had never made a difference, and I never saw my stories tagged as sci-fi.  Heck, those keywords never even got displayed.  As far as I could tell, they didn’t do much of anything, and I wasn’t paying much attention since I didn’t think I could change anything.

Wrong.  It turns out that Amazon has this secret list of category mappings, which work off of the keywords you provide in your KDP publisher page for each book.

Lindsay Buroker’s article does a wonderful job of listing some, or possibly all, of the magic keywords which will get you into the categories.  For instance, I mentioned above that I used “sci-fi” as a keyword in all of my sci-fi pieces.  Useful?  NOPE!  The bullshit fairy came along sprinkling her magic pixie dust, and that dust meant that “science fiction” is the keyword I’d need to use if I wanted my stories to appear in science fiction.  Or “pulp” will get you into action and adventure.  It’s more than a little ridiculous that these keywords are kept more or less secret, and that Amazon isn’t more liberal with the creation of categories.  For instance, I would sure love to a category for breeding erotica, so that those of us who write this particular censor-bait category can benefit from readers exploring our stories.  Alas, this is not available.  But at least I’m actually marked as a sci-fi erotica author now.

If you’re reading this, K… Hi.  Your prize is that autographed paperback I promised, and hopefully your family never stumbles across it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s mystical hidden category keywording

  1. Hey Ken, You still out there? It’s been 5 months since your last blog post. 4 Months since your last twitter, and more than half a year since your last story. I want more installments in Cum in me if you want to live, Wang, Progenitor, and Genetic Lottery!!!

    Is the reason for the lack of posts the mysterious “K”? Did she find your blog? Are you so preoccupied with carnal gymnastics that you can’t find time to write? (You can’t just leave a comment like that and not expect us to wonder.)

  2. *grin* I’m still here, sorry. The requisite carnal gymnastics have indeed occupied a fair amount of my time of late, but I’ve been getting back into writing lately, and K has actually taught me a whole crap-ton of new things to write about during sex. Including a good idea of how long a woman can fuck before she starts having trouble walking normally… 😉

    I’m also nearly done with a free short I’ve been working on for a while, and once that’s over I’m back to either Wang, Progenitor, or Lottery – whichever one I finish first.

    I also owe my author readers a little bit about some tech I’ve discovered recently to make writing easier. But that’ll be another post in a while.

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