I’m done writing on non-Mac keyboards

A lot has gone on in my life over the last year.  Unfortunately, writing hasn’t been a huge part of it lately.

I’m officially divorced.  My cheating ex-wife has been my ex for a bit over two months now, and it’s a good feeling.  As an erotica author, I can’t stand on a high horse condemning people for the sins of the flesh, but I can demand integrity from those I am associated with.  She never had the guts to either tell me she’d found someone else or to ask me for an open relationship, and that lack of integrity I do condemn.  My divorce took eight months to execute, during which time I never touched another woman… and now that it’s over, I’m free of her and not looking back.

I’m now a solo homeowner.  This is actually, excuse my French, pretty fucking awesome.  I’ve been paying my mortgage alone throughout my entire marriage, on what was a crushing short-term mortgage which my wife was supposed to have gotten a job and helped with.  The new mortgage leaves me with more disposable income than I’ve had in years.  For three months I couldn’t even afford to replace my hot water heater when it went out – but that’s over now.  I own my house, and no longer have to negotiate with anyone about how I want it to look or function.

I’m done trying to write on this shitty PC laptop keyboard.  Almost all of my stories were written on a Macbook Pro issued by my previous employer.  I did all my writing over a VNC connection to my main Linux machine, but the keyboard I was typing on was Mac and the screen was a nice wide, clear Mac display.  When my previous employer asked for their Macbook back, I switched to the laptop issued by my new employer: an expensive, high-end but tiny Windows laptop.  Ergonomics – or lack thereof – make a huge difference in writing.  This thing’s got a 12″ screen with a tiny keyboard, and as a 6’2″ guy I look like a T-Rex hunched over trying to type on it.  And thanks to the mortgage above, I couldn’t afford to buy my own mac.  My workflow suffered dramatically… I used to be happy to write until the wee hours of the night, but when my eyes get fuzzy it becomes impossible to read on this PC.  But, starting on the 23rd of this month I’ll have my very own Macbook Pro to write on.  It’s my fondest wish to get back to writing one story a month again.

I now stand a chance of getting laid.  This might actually have an adverse effect on my available time for writing, but maybe I’ll be able to write some interesting scenes from experience.  Part of what drove my writing was my sexual frustration at being married to a frigid asexual who broke her pre-marital promise to get therapy if her baggage interfered with our sex life, thus condemning me to five years of sexual starvation – with just enough “she lays there like a rubber doll” sex to make it debatable whether it was worse than getting nothing at all.  Anyway, I expect that what I write now will be different.  Since my mortgage finished up a week or so ago, I’ve been on two dates and have another one lined up tomorrow.  I’ve gotten nothing beyond hugs so far, but frankly I got so little from my ex that simply being out with a woman who might be interested is intoxicating.

I now have a hot female roommate.  Like any good sitcom, I’ve now got a hot female roomie who moved in practically as soon as my ex moved out.  Out of respect I’ll abstain from saying more about her situation, but let’s just say that she’s attractive and wears far less around the house than my ex-wife ever did.  And there’s perfectly good reasons – remember, integrity is important to me – why the two of us don’t have any form of physical relationship.  So, I have a female’s perspective available for dating advice, and have some truly memorable eye candy as she lounges by my pool on the weekends or gets “comfortable” watching TV at night.

So, in summary… life’s improved immensely, and is only getting better.  And dammit, six days later I’ll certainly be off of this horridly non-ergonomic PC laptop, and I may actually have some new relevant experiences for my stories!





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