Got my mac dialed in – writing is so much nicer!

Oh geez, writing on a mac again is so much nicer!

Cupid's ArmorerYep, getting to write with a mac again is awesome, and I’m pretty sure my previous laptop really is the reason I wasn’t getting anything written for a while.  I’m inordinately happy with the keyboard on this thing vs the PC I was using.  Miserable keyboard equals low word counts… hey, it’s why a lot of authors stuck with the typewriters they were familiar with rather than switching to computer right away, right?

Anyway, I spent yesterday and today so far getting my laptop all dialed in – and by dialed in, I mean setting it up with some basic features to render it harder for a friend to blunder into the fact that I write erotica if he’s using my laptop for something.  I’ll end up writing a little bit on the various steps I’ve taken later, as this is a common enough problem.  Before my basic solution was to keep the laptop “clean” and do all my writing on a remote Linux machine, but now I want to be able to write outside the network.

And surprisingly, Cupid’s Armorer is taking off!

Cupid’s Armorer was one of my favorite stories to write, and I always thought it was kind of a shame that it never really took off with the readers.  When you’re mostly known for your breeding erotica, a story involving angels NOT getting each other pregnant isn’t really going to appeal that well to your main demographic.

That having been said, lately there’s been a fair number of sales for this title, which makes me really happy.  The sex scenes and the story were both were fun to write on Cupid’s Armorer, and frankly the idea of giving a guy who died so randomly a chance for an awesome sex life afterwards just appealed to me.

My most recent Amazon review was on the 15th:

The story line was good. The “gun talk” was a little over my head, but it was necessary for the story line. I will read more of this author!







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